Walkbehind + tractor mower

some scrap hoarder’s build pictures below. ))

so i have an old Welger mower (broken main reductor, but bar and rotor reductors still usable )

and Lombardini walkbehind (i prefer to sit on top of it, because i am lazy).
the mower it originally has is good only for lawn, it fails miserably in longer grass.

the plan is to cut out the middle part of the bar, leaving two rotors, drive it with chain.

one end of the bar closed, bearing seal installed.
still have to make housing for outer bearing.

more pictures coming soon. ))


some progress ))
so far everything seems co come together nicely.

other end of the bar closed

housing for outer bearing


hard to believe, but it is almost finished.

i have to reinforce here and there, make gaskets for rotor housings and that’s it. ))

also i do not have a connector link for this chain, i will buy some tomorrow.


andris, nice work you do…this engine would be a good victim for a mobile gasifier…


greetings, giorgo, thank you.

i do like to work with metal and reuse all sorts of broken and scrapped mechanisms.
many things can be made with car hubs, axles, flywheels, wiper motors, etc.
a roto tiller made from truck axle, for example.

i will definitely try to convert this thumper to correct fuel.
i saw a video on youtube about simplefire gasifier, seems pretty tempting.


“great success” as Borat used to say. ))

only thing necessary is a counterweight on mower,
i have to lean forward in order to keep mover pressed to the ground
and it is uncomfortable