Wayne's axle chunker

Update on the ole chunker .

This petucular slab was about 40 pounds.

Chunking short wood.

Powering the wood chunker with wood .

A few details of the chunker and trying to estimate how much wood we have run through it. Just a wild guess I thinking near a hundred ton over the years .


I fixed your link Wayne. Looking great!


Thanks Chris ,

Still trying to learn the new site . Might take me a while :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looks good Wayne! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched these videos and I’m still amazed of what it must have took for you to come up with this solution to process wood. Thank you for pioneering wood gas the way I know it now and wood processing.


Looks like nice day in some of the vidios, been woundering what size of an axel In tons you would call those axels.THANKS for the good design ideas.looks about like the one henery has for sale.


hi wayne I was wondering if you can recall any problems with the splitter head nathan puffer had made I stumbled on one of his videos looked like a good way to chunk cookies . I would like to be able to chunk whole trees branches with the dozer cookies with something like nathans or herbs set up . thanks paul

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Hello Paul.

This may be the video you were referring to .

I haven’ heard from Nathan in a while but it looks like his splitter is doing good.

Kevin .

I’m not sure of the capacity of the chunker axle. It was from an International road tractor , single axle , six cylinder gas , and about mid sixty on the year .

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Those axels seem like they might last longer than the bailer gear boxes, if i get one i would try and drive it off of a belt on a tire, something like Terry L only useing a belt.

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that’s the one wayne thanks just didn’t know if you heard anything bad I couldn’t find anything on his post .

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I got a one ton truck axel with the axel bolted too the rotor, since the bearings are tapered on bigger serface area, so hopeing it will cut 2" or 3" boards, would cutting off one side of the houseing about 6" from the pig casting be any problems. and would welding the spider gears have any effect on the gearing,VS locking down one axel.Nice vidio demos on wood chunkers,thanks for haveing the dow builders site.

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Kevin, I hope I’m not high jacking Mr. Wayne’s K. chunker post. If I am I’m sure someone will let me know very soon. On the chunkers that are made like mine you will need to weld the spider gears up. If you don’t and you bolt/whatever one side of the axle down so it will not turn, it in turn makes the opposite side turn twice as fast. So lets say you have a 4.11 gear ratio, the pinion gear turns 4 times to the drum side once. If you stop one side from turning, the other side will turn 2 times and pinion gear will turn 4 times.

Ron H. Wood Chunker

Guess I’m going to get a %*& Whoppin for this post, BUT I do not really know how else to do it,

Sorry Mr. Wayne
Ron H.


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Good morning brother Ron ,

Thanks for replying , You said the same as I would have but are much clearer with the wording than I.


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Thanks for the knollege on the gears, i had heard something on the dow ,and wasent sure what they meant, I understand now what happens with a spool or welded spider gears, Welded spiders would be more power with the slower speed, thanks much.too Wayne K and Ron H.

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Hey Wayne could you post a picture of the splitter you added on the right side? Can’t get a good look at it in the videos


Hello Marcus

See if you can make heads and tails of this .


Perfectly what I needed Wayne, thank you very much!