WK Gasifier located in Thunder Bay ONT Canada

WK Gasifer with heat exchanger. 22inch 1/2inch firetube.

This gasifer has been sitting since winter of 2015 was used on a GMC k1500 series truck with SBC TBI 350. Worked well at the time but is HEAVY. I have since redesigned a newer lighter firetube that is working well and won’t be using this gasifer in the future.

Unit working when pulled. I have not taken it apart to look at the internals fully but there is no deterioration at the nozzles. I can disassemble and take further pictures if there is interest. This unit can take some serious abuse with it’s 1/2 firetube.

Looking to have it go to a good home rather than the scrap yard. I cannot store it any longer. Thought I’d post it here on the website before I list it locally.



Heat exchanger internals

Main Gasifier

Main Gasifier

Heat exchanger external (had two 2inch “bipass” pipes welded in for winter use to shorten cooling rail length. Front clean out.

heat exchanger external

Hopper condensate tank


Boy there is a deal for some Canadian. Would save someone a lot of time and it is proven already. Until you have built a gasifier and found all the little things that can go wrong and turn out to be “bugs” you have to correct. Good luck selling it.

Want to hear more about your most recent build. I totally agree with you the basic WK is very heavy and that is what keeps me using my Embert.TomC

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A super deal but it is 14hrs one way for me…

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I did not catch the price on the WK unit,or is that an email quote. what size motor would that gasifier be best suited for, and I haven’t seen your new stye gasifier,so I am curious what the total weight savings on your latest design gasififer.And how many miles so far on your new design, if I may ask.Thanks.

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no specific price attached for a fellow wood gassier, would depend on someones distance of travel etc. don’t really want to post any specific price but it will be far less than what it would be to purchase the materials alone

This is not a perfect unit and there are several things that I would personally change/would not do again. I am not a fan of flanges, now all my connections are either with turbo hoses or rubber hoses depending on the temperature of the gas they are carrying. This gasifer is quite tall It sticks up by 12inches past the roof line on a 1500 series chevy/gmc. It has a side clean out (which I much prefer) however It does need to be reworked/regasketed or redesigned as it is not the best design. I now use a silicone 4inch (or larger) turbo hose to connect a metal cap which is a nice quick mechanism.

I had it running on a 5.7L SBC 350 would probably be suitable up to a 454 big block or equivalent. It has a 22 inch long firetube compared to the standard 18inch tube.

The new firetube essentially cuts the weight of the firetube to a 1/3rd or less compared to a traditional WK design. I estimate that this firetube (alone) weighs near 300lbs whereas the newer type weighs less than a hundred and can be lifted without use of a hoist etc which is nice for disassembly ect. the newer design is still being tested but so far so good, I have put down sever thousand kms on it both highway and city driving.

thanks for your interest


That really
looks like a quality exchanger, I think a good exchanger is worth its weight when running boarder line damp wood.or it may be a trade off drying the wood more through, when only using a lighter cylone. Either way it can be clean gas, is my acessment.I suppose one could shorten that fire tube and housing too use in Dakota too get back under the wind drag over the roof, and would need very little welding.You may want too shorten the tube and housing if the buyer needs a welder for a better price.?

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well its a nice thought but I won’t be touching this as its not worth it for me I have far to much on my plate.
I will be taking this to the scrap yard and getting 15 (Canadian) cents to the pound for it if no one can get here to grab it. I did have some interest from a fellow wood gasser in southern ontario just not sure how Id get it down there but will think about it further before the scrap yard.


I’ll call dibs if the price is right Dustin. I won’t be back home until the second week of June though. I’m about 3 hrs away


Hi Bill

I’ll PM you to give you the scoop. this thread is now on hold.


Is it still for sale. What price?