Wood Chunker Similar to PTO on Dakota

This Topic is just a thought I had, and I’ve searched a little bit, but i don’t know yet if someone else has done this before. My idea I am talking about is a chunker wheel like Wayne has, attatched to the truck, and a frame around it to hold the wood as it cuts. i have only seen the stickler wood splitter that attaches the same way. here is a video of one that i have seen, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89O6j1SOUVs
you might be able to set cruise control on a very low speed in first gear so you have torque, but i do not know how much torque you need, or if this will even work. Tyler


The screw type splitters can take a lot of power to run. I have a Unicorn and stall a 30+hp tractor at full speed splitting elm. I actually broke the new Unicorn after 40 minutes of use. I guess 540 rpm would be about 30mph on the vehicle(differential side gear multiplying speed by 2x) Might fair a bit better with a vehicle than my tractor. Would be interesting to hear what others have found. I have several of them by different makers. One - a Lickety-Split - used a rototiller drive mechanism to multiply the torque of a 5hp motor. Stalled that one all the time.


ok, good to know, just seeing what others think of what they have and new ideas. thanks ron, Tyler.

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What Ron sayd. We have a screw spliter powered by a Zetor 47hp. It has a PTO that can be run trugh the transmision so in first gear, it turns realy slow with loads of torq. I have had it stop the engine or slip a cluch on a couple of occasions. Good thing is you can reverse the PTO too.


Hm…on my screw splitter the screw is mounted straight onto the 1500 rpm 5hp electric motor axle. I may stall it and pop a fuse one or two times every year.
Of course, like any screw splitter, it needs the help of a small hatchet with stringy wood, but it’s very fast with nice logs. I like it for its simplicity.


This one Brian bought from the states its called a Atom splitter driven via hydraulics from the excavator, revs are approx 180 per min slow but a lot of low down torque and will split 4 ft dia rounds no problem at all


Dave, those are fantastic!

I have been looking for a video l uploaded a while ago where l split woopd with the screw. Anyway, l wanted to point out the wood l split is often 3 feet long 2 foot wide beech logs :smile: but like JO sayd, a axe and a chainsaw are mandatory.


I have several different ones. A Unicorn that is driven by a tractor PTO. I split a lot of elm with it but broke it a number of times. I broke the reaction arm off in the first 20 minutes I started using it fresh out of the box. I also have a version made by someone else that mounts in place of a car or truck wheel. A third is called a Lickety Split. Also a screw but most of the screw is aluminum with a steel tip and a much larger than typical back section fabricated from steel strip stock. These actually help break.cut the stringy wood splits. It is factory mounted to what is obviously the base of a garden rototiller and is powered by a 5hp motor. It works well enough for reasonable splitting woods like Maple but it too struggles with elm.
I don’t use any of them right now as I just buy saw mill slab wood now.