Wood Gas Demonstration Day at Seal Cove Auto Museum

Hi Wood Gassers,

My summer schedule is starting to thaw out and fill up. On June 18, 2015 the “girls” and I will be at Seal Cove Auto Museum for a demonstration of engines running on wood gas.

If you are in the area please come for a visit and see their beautiful collection of brass era(1895-1917) vehicles.

I will also be doing summer camp demos at the museum throughout the summer to teach children about science and technology. Those will be announced shortly.



Good luck Stephen ! I hope all runs smooth … Thanks for holding down the Y fort. I can’t even get in there anymore … I can only get into this site from the trailer house. I hope the blueberries do well this year. Maybe I can persuade you to mail us some jam when you get to that time of year ??? I will talk with you on the tele about that … Regards, Mike LaRosa

Hi Mike.

I don’t know. I am down to about 75lbs of blueberries in the freezer. Time to start rationing. :smile:

I got a little nuts(er) last season. Drop me your address sometime.