Wood gas powered weed burner

I am a combination of a woodgas junkie and a lazy farmer. Add a pile of junk and this comes out.

Basicly, this is a simple wood gasifier on wheels. The gas goes down straight in the burner under the gasifier. Burners combust the gas and burn weeds on the feald different burners for different crop configurations.

The idea behind this is l have noticed any disturbance in the soil triggers sprouting of weed seeds present in the soil. No disturbance, no sprouting. Thats the plan…

The gasifier is wery simple, it literaly took me a hour of work and a couple of welds on the old junk, but the fan is a bit of a problem. It needs to be rather high powered and cordless. Battery comes to mind, but it adds weight (and cost). What l was thinking is mount on a small engine, like a small chainsaw or something, and use it to power the blower.


That was a used and abused wheelbarrow!
A small 2 cycle blower with a throttle control would work well. I would NOT try to run it on woodgas. A pint of mixed gas will run for hours.


Ha, how did you know l was tinkering that option :smile:


I’m a bit lost here. What are you going to use the gasifier for? Flaring to burn weed? Don’t set fire to anything you don’t want to burn.
I use hopper juice for weed control. Maybe not a good idea close to edible growth though.

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This is a much bigger version of what l plan to do.
Apparently weed burners been around a long time, but since chemicals became cheaper thain propane, noone uses them anymore.

Yes, l plan to make insulated metal liners on the side to restrict the flame to just one lane.

The point here is not to insinerate the weeds, just flash them with heat so that the leafs turn brown over a couple of days.


When I was a kid it was a common practice to set fire to fields. Check the wind and let it work to the far side with people already there to stop it. When I first move up here a field caught fire by accident and burned several acres. A few weeks later you could see exactly where the fire had been because the field was a lush green with grass. In the video above, did he seed the field then come back and singe the leaves of the weeds before the crop sprouted?? TomC

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