Wood gasifier dimensions for a 429 in.³ engine or larger

My name is Matthew. I’m from Green Bay Wisconsin. I have purchased a couple of Wood gasifier books and I’m about to start purchasing my raw materials to build my first wood gasifier. I’m curious if anyone has ever built one for a 429 or larger engine? And if so, could anyone please tell me how large of stock or parts I need to go with? I want to make sure that my wood gasifier is large enough and has enough production to supply a 429 in.³ engine?


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Oh yeah a 429 is well within the engine size for a WK gasifier. Check out the Wilbur Smith build, and Marcus Norman’s build for his V10 Ram. They’re a bit bigger but size it just like that, the WK system is very flexible for engine size. You’re a premium member so you should be able to see these.




Welcome to the forum Matthew!

many gasifiers have been built for large displacements engines, most i have seen including those i have built that will run a large displacement engine are of the Wayne Keith variety, which has had no trouble keeping up with 488ci of dodge v10 sucking through it, several 454 chevs, and a few 460 fords, and has been scaled down to smaller v8 v6 and 4cylinder applications as well

the bigger questions though, what is your intentions for this 429? is it a stationary genset type application where it will run sustained rpms? is it a over the road towing application that will be a work horse? or a high speed highway cruiser? and what your expectations of performance, coupled with your available wood supply?

these all factor in to the design of the gasifier greatly. each one is usually built to meet a need, and that need can be pretty narrow. for instance there are several work trucks here. big lumbering heavy giants that tow at low speeds. there are freeway cruisers, and there are small engine applications and tractors for farming. designing the system to meet the intended needs and uses of the equipment to be used can be critical, so what are your needs for this application so we can help you out better with a more educated answer


Matthew, welcome to DOW! I am just south of you in the Appleton area. I am also curious about what your usage will be.

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