Your Dream Gasifier Project

LOL me neither. Deer cant see in color so I guess it would work. But that is a red neck machine from Michigan. :slight_smile:


OK. I tried to find out what a Yoda drive train is and all I get is the little green goober with a light saber.


Toyota… … … … … …


Jeff, I think IH truck fans are alive and well!


Boy do I feel dumb. I’m claiming oldtimers disease.

This is my dream truck! This is a UAZ “Tadpole”. And for our family goat farm we need 2 of them.
Plus it has a passenger version. Frame, four-wheel drive, good engines (2.4 l, 75 hp or 2.7 l, 112 hp), load capacity from 800 kg to 1225 kg, transfer case with direct and reduction gears, gasoline consumption 15 l / 100 km, 2 fuel tanks.
It has been produced almost unchanged for 60 years. Spare parts for it are very common.
Only the wood-fired gas generator I want to make more modern, lighter, more compact.


Well my dream gasifer project was sold. My Daughter Millie and her husband Mike bought it. They want to restore it. Mike’s Dad, Tom had one just like it restored but it got in a accident and wrecked. So this one is going to replace the wrecked one. The International R- 150 series dream is gone of putting a Gasifier on it. That is Okay with me.
I am making this 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Gasifier build my Dream now.

Put a gasifer in it is more realistic anyways and a lot more practical for using up in the mountains prospecting. I have found that the fuel you spend is the most expensive item you buy when prospecting. So if I find something of value in the mountains on the claims, it’s profit and not paying for fuel expenses. A couple of my prospecting friends like my Dakota gasifer truck. So with two Gasifier trucks all three of us can go prospecting DOW together with out fuel expenses getting there and back. The 4X4 Jeep will take us into places where the Dakota just can’t go.
One other Thing I think this thread could be used for is to show your already built Dream Gasifier Vehicles. If you have a WK Gasifier the people on the open side do not get to see them if we only show case them on the Premium side of our threads.
It was my Dream to make sure the Dodge Dakota Truck from the book was preserved and not end up in a junk yard if sold, so I bought it… This was my contribution to DOW members.
Feel free to post your builds passed, present, and future here pictures and videos to Show Case your Build or future build.