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Hi Tom,

For some reason your Premium status wasn’t activated. Try it again please.

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Maybe I’m missing it, but I don’t see a builder’s forum either here.

Thanks for telling me Levi, I’ve fixed your account.

Awesome! I can see it now.

Thanks Chris!

Hi Chris…I am logging in as a premium member but have to log in again to reply to any post, is this normal?

There are two places to log in, the homepage and the forum. Details here:

Did the layout of page that lists all the threads change or did I accidently click something wrong?

Nothing has changed… Try refreshing the page.

It changed on mine too? refreshed still different

OK, I see it now. The latest update broke my custom theme… grrr.

EDIT: should be fixed now.

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It keeps tilling me that I don’t have access to this topic.
Also I can’t find my build thread.

Try it now, Jim… sorry about that.

Thanks Chris
Every thing working fine now I am seeing a lot projects that wasn’t showing up before. THANKS

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Chris is there a premium side other than the construction videos? I seem to find nothing but them, no build threads or nothing else. I was unable to follow the link to Al Frick’s build. Said I can’t access that. I feel I am missing a lot.

Hi Jim,

Sorry about that, I’ve fixed the problem. You should be able to see the Premium threads again.

Everybody else:

There seems to have been a glitch where a few members lost their Premium status. I’m still tracking this down.

If you are a Premium member you should be able to visit the link below. If you can’t, please let me know.

Click here to test Premium access

Chris that took me straight to Jim Goes build and all of his pictures and comments. Is there some way to do that with other members??TomC

That’s just a random Premium link I used… you have just tested that you can access a Premium thread.

You can of course bookmark any thread you wish to, search for it, etc…

Hi Chris,
I tested and came up with a no access msg.

Thanks Pepe, I’ve fixed it.

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Mine says that I cant get in either. Greg H