Competition tractor design

I’m looking to convert an old 60’s tractor to run on wood gas for a fabrication competition in about a year. The engine is a 14hp single cylinder Kohler that is in good condition. Which of the gasifier plans would be best to build on this tractor? I want it to run on raw wood/chunks, so I was looking at choosing the Imbert hearth design. Would this be a good type to use for a tractor? If not, which raw wood gasifier design would be the most suitable?

Will it be running a set RPM most of the time, or have a lot of varying RPM like a car?

Also since it’s a 14Hp I’m assuming it’s about 500cc or so?

Rpm will not vary nearly as much as a car, as the load will be constant the majority of the time it is run, so it will mostly be a set rpm. And yup, I think its right around 400-500cc.

Try to look up the model of your engine and figure out your CC or Cubic Inch, you’ll need it to figure in your CFMs. There’s lots of small engine gasifiers built here on the forum, about as many raw wood as there are charcoal fueled ones. Just check out the Small Engines category and browse there for ideas.

Does it absolutely have to be Raw Wood? Charcoal would be more lightweight of a system. Check out the
Air Carbon Fuel Cell thread for an example of a good charcoal gasifier. Runs a lawn tractor.

Or Don’s charcoal lawn tractor here

Nothing wrong with a raw wood system. I’ve made a raw wood gasifier for small engines, I haven’t finished the rest of it though.

It flares good but needs filtration.

Looks like the engine on it is a 512cc. Yes I would like it to be raw wood, as I think the novelty of an engine running on chunks of wood that people are very familiar with and can be shown at a competition would really make it a popular project.

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I would just wonder about physical space to mount the raw wood system on a small tractor. I might consider building a trailer unit for it just to keep the tractor looking clean if you want it as a show item.

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On a raw wood system you need to have the space for the Gasifier, the cooler, a tank for water that comes out of the gas cooler, and a filter. You can combine the filter and condensate tank.
Cooler needs to have some decent surface area to get the gas down to dew point and drop moisture from it.

Trailer pulled would be the easiest solution because with it being pulled on a trailer it’ll shake more from bumps and let the grate sift ashes out.