Gilmore style?

From playing with HHO

If the charcoal is not “well done”
after 2 short runs

HI Koen… this is the result mixing HHO with CO2? Metal fusion?


Was the burn out from a horizontal nozzle? Do you think the bottom nozzle is more trouble free?

I think you could use that fuel to make big cutting torch / no electric conversion needed, would make a nice project somehow,

ouch was the correct word :wink: playing with the power of the gods…
Next is the bottom nozzle, is more directed in the charcoal , i hope, but this was a thinking failure, not a system error :wink:
anyhow, its a blast to have it on video…

had a busy day, The ministry of energy was there with a TV team for a nation wide broadcasting about our work in progress…
I did take her for a ride… ( the lady and the trike… )
They made quite a long video, where here filming about 5 hours, hope to have some copy soon…
Last picture is the School director… with the trike and the lady… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Koen, I see you dressed up a little for the lady :-p

What a T shirt and shoes can do…
on the drive with her (and the trike of course), something was squeeling, not sure if it was the trike…

And the beasts…
Great students

That certainly look like a fun ride. What’s the top speed?

The trike tops at 40 mph on gas
the lady i don’t know, yet…

in love

Just thought you might find this interesting. It’s been 30 years since I have been there and with this weather, I was thinking about going back. I tried to contact Mr. Wayne before his “race” across Death Valley and suggested he might find some fuel supply there.

Tom, Those are about the neatest buildings I’ve seen, thanks for posting.

On our latest exhibition, i did put a 2 stroke IC engine with a oil drip , up to test
ran great

Interesting Koen! How do you monitor the amount of oil without a visible drip? Just because it runs good; does that mean it is not doing any damage? I hope not but how to be sure?

A friend had a 750 cc two stroke. He had a separate tank for oil that was fed into the crank case. He often ran the tank out of oil but the engine didn’t just explode or something. The pistons started dragging and expanding and the engine lost power. He filled the tank and by that time it had cooled and away he would go again. I don’t think two strokes just blow up from lack of oil TomC

This was actually a bet that i won from the Auto mechanics department.
An out of the box small 2 stroke gen set, connected with the Carb setup from the GX160 Honda 4 stroke.
I told the chief mec, teacher, to install a dripper. He used some good equipment with a pre-adjusted orrifice.
It is stil a learning , but mostly a “to convince” battle…
We are now on the second exhibition towards the national competition for the innovation awards.
I have 3 sets in the running here…
They already subscribed my work for the energy awards 2015 and for the national energy innovation day’s 2015
My goal is: to decrease the dependency from imported oil, to decrease the import from technology, to teach them how to do themselves, to build themselves creating more jobs in their own community’s
The response is getting more and more positive…

Back to 2 stroke; i would prefer the 2 stroke for its simplicity and the large aftermarket that exists here for parts. Also having a huge pile of old engines available…

Testing and experimenting… who say’s that life isn’t beautifull ?