Gilmore style?

a video from the 2 stroke running

Students and teachers, preparing for the show at christmas day.
Duration 3 day’s

i converted a yamaha 90hp 2 smoke outboard to LPG years back…it was one of the auto-lube type so converting was simple.

it’s on a workboat for a mussel farm so it gets alot of hours…a bit under 3000 last time i talked to the guy that runs it…he’s waiting for it to go bang, and has another powerhead ready to swap all the LPG bits over onto…the difference in cost between petrol and LPG has paid for the new powerhead

There is no reason that a 2 stroke won’t run on a gaseous fuel as long as you can keep a metered flow of oil going into it…and the oil flow should be metered to rpm AND load…

actually in theory a gasous fueled 2 stroke should lubricate better because you don’t have petrol washing your oil off the bearings and cylinder walls

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Yes i second that, there is no reason why it should not run with gas…
Now the fun here starts for me… I hope there are a lot of spare’s :wink:

How fast could i make one run… ?

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Now you need to start working on developing an oil out of local products to use in the 2 stroke. Can’t have them buying petroleum for the lubrication.

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Tom, Have you seen the video’s where they make oil from discarded plastic? I’m not sure I would trust it for engine use, but an interesting idea all the same.
One video of many. Homemade oil refinery. Turning plastics into oil - YouTube

From the 8 projects from the school in the energy innovation contest, regional, 3 made it to the finals: national(Bangkok)
3 with the gasfier…
all live presentations, with working demonstrations
competing in 3 category’s we had 2th for generating energy(genset with gasifier)
second for recycling plastic into energy, (the dual set gasifier/pyrolise)
4th for the trike, presenting in english by the students.(i’ll have to work on his english skills…)

Thumbs up for gasifying…

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Here’s a guy putting charcoal gasification to work! I lovevideos like this. Koen, I’m a big fan of your work and efforts to help the Thai people move ahead. I was there in 1969. I was 13 yrs old and had blond hair. I was treated like a god from another world. Xmas Skidding - YouTube

The action movie from the ministry of energy
Not all words are Thai

You have made great progress on the charcoal gasifier. Very good presentation, the trikes look like fun.

Hey Koen

I can’t understand most of the language but smiles are universal :slight_smile:

Good job !

Many small steps done, on a long way to go…
1 to 5 feb, presentation of the 3 projects (1:generating electric, 2:recycling plastic waste into energy with gasyfier/pyrolizing unit, 3:the trike)
in Bangkok energy awards, this by myself with the students

5 to 9 feb, presentation from the 3 projects by the students in the innovation awards. ( also Bangkok )

many things to prepare…

and a lot of fun driving around with the bike , making heads turn…

only charcoal inside

Koen Van Looken, in the video below:

about 35 seconds you are opening a gate valve to show the glowing char inside the reactor. Then you close the gate valve, and adjust the wood gas carb valve to be more open. Why don’t you leave the gate valve open while running the motor?
Also, did you say that you are getting the rated power on woodgas with burning plastic smoke + two stroke oil as the same generator gets on gasoline? (My latest test with a 4 stroke generator-inverter would only load to 50% of continuous rated power on gasoline.) Thanks for the videos. Ray

The gate valve is only for lightning the reactor or playing around with temperature inside the reactor.
The actual intake nozzle is at the bottom from the reactor, where it also gets fed in the plastic fumes

( this is confusing for me, i can not recollect saying something like that)
The plastic fumes , from the pyrolizing unit where mixed with incoming air in the gasifier and subsequently converted into “i don’t know yet gas”
The two stroke oil is dripped in to the intake manifold from the 2 stroke engine (oil lube for the engine)
As i strip the carburators and work on the intake from the gas-mixture, i might obtain a better % then 50% of the rated power.

Hello Koen… the exaust gas produced are recycled back into the reactor or sended in atmosphere as normal usage?

Hello Koen…
the exaust gas are recycled into reactor or sended in atmosphere?

Sincerely I don’t understand WHY all thermal energy produced from combustion and all molecules contained inside are lost in atmosphere instead to be recycled inside the reactor again and again in the time. If you connect your reactor directly to the exaust gas port you can use thermal energy of gas for increase internal temperature and for make an best cracking of CO2 and H2O molecules… If externally you cover your reactor with the ceramic or other material you stop the thermal dissipation. If your reactor tube is made from austenitic stainless steel you have also an catalyst (nickel) that increase the reaction… As starter for charcoal ignition I suggest one or more glow plugs laterally to the reactor connected to the onboard battery 12v. That’s all!!

Looks to be a good idea… i am pretty sure someone already tried it…