Gilmore style?

I tried a glow plug it worked fine but they are much more expensive, Add unnecessary complexity, are less available to everyone, and most importantly slower then a torch. Marco I would love to try some of your ideas but whenever you post, all I see is many many dollar signs appear!!!

Hello David, you buy glow plugs just one time not every day… you can spent a few of dollars :wink:

Marco isn’t that what is being done on the Gilmore where he recirculates the exhaust gas to “cool” the oxidizing charcoal. Yours is drawn upside down from Mr Gilmore’s. He draws the air/exhaust in from the bottom and it cools going up through the char and the gas is tapped off from the top.TomC

I once experimented with diesel glow plugs to fire up the gasifier , I had to mount the plugs far enough from the hot spot so they would survive the heat . They were very slow firing up the gasifier . The diesel glow plugs I was using are designed to cycle or stay on very short periods .

HI Tom… I’m writing just in Koen thread … no time for see another thread… However no need air for mantain red the charcoal but is ok the heat contained inside the exaust gas. I suggest to load and start with wood pellet inside the reactor instead of charcoal… you obtain an triple calorific power … In exaust gas output is present an throttle … you must close this throttle when you want more power and sent more exaust gas into the reactor.

Hi Wayne… Please use these glow plugs NGK Y-534J N°36… been tested with automatic current limitation , need to be cooled externally with an little amount of air in presence of more heat, an little PC Fan 12v is ok… I use also this power supply but also an 12V battery is ok, you can decrease the voltage to 11.5-11.6V using the trimmer onboard (variable resistor). With this power supply you can power three glow plugs togheter without problems. See photos attached…

This is my reactor burner installed in my new wood pellet stove with three glow pulg working…

Marco If you put air ( N, O2) into the hot charcoal, the reaction is N, and CO. Exothermic.

If you put exhaust gases ( N, CO2 ) into the hot charcoal, the reaction is N and CO . Endothermic.

With air the coals get hotter and hotter. With exhaust gas the coals get colder and colder until there is no reaction.TomC

Tom… normally yes but you forget one important thing.
We are talking of exaust gas thermally heated … in fact you has CO2 + H2O heated to high temperature…
You can test simply what really appear if you send the heated exaust gas on biomass…
You start an cracking process and an generation of syngas!!!

i am not sure about the temperatures needed or even produced from the exhaust gas, but for the charcoal you’ll need the +1000°C to maintain the full conversion into Co.
Exhaust gasses can work on a Pyrolise system and also do benefit the process in the charcoal gasifier for tempering the core
but as far i can see, there is an unbalanced process if only using exhaust, imho not yet workable for a simple system.

Hi Marco, I am curious, have you built and run the system you are talking about? If you put engine exhaust into wood, it will probably not get hot enough to char very well. You definitely will get water vapor coming out and if the exhaust is hot enough, some other combustables including tars. All these vapors will have to be refined by running through a hot bed of charcoal to avoid gumming up the engine. You cannot take the engine exhaust alone to crack wood into a gaseous engine fuel. There is too much CO2, H2O and other complex carbon make it work.
BUT, if you have done it and it works, please let us know. I have only responded based on my observations and experience which is by no means perfect. I am in this to learn.
Gary in PA

Gary… these are two private video of an italian company…please evaluate if the technology is been available …

Respectfully, can you move your work and your research to a thread where i can fully support your idea’s ?
This topic here is about the one gasifier type i build and the knowledge behind it and how to build it.
Thank you kindly

Koen… you have true… Sorry… ALL deleted!!

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Nice professional looking builds Koen. You teach them good!

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