JO's -91 Mazda B2600

Just don’t tell her she created woodgas porn, maybe she wont take any more pictures. :wink:


JO, Jakob said you were wonderin where I have been…I am doing much better these last several days. I am gaining energy back again so that I can stay awake all day now. Not working too hard yet, but trying to get stockpiles in order so we can survive the seemingly inevitable collapse of modern society, LOL. I notice, even you guys are having protests …Who’d a thunk it. There were protests in at least 13 Alabama towns/cities today. some minor riots in a couple of them.


I’m glad you’re doing better.
I heard about your protests but I wasn’t aware we had any. Enlighten me please.
EDIT: I see what you mean now. I scanned the news and found it. Stockholm. 50 people limit (recommended social distancing limit) was overrun :smile:


reported here as a protest in Stockholm


Inspired by Kristijan I wanted share some progress too, but I have very little to report apart from chunking, wood piles and a few rows of potatoes :smile: And you’re probably sick and tired of watching my steering wheel turn as well.
What I could mention though, is what nearby friends of ours told us yesterday. Their son is at university in Västerås, some 150 miles south of here. He is attending alternative energy class and to his surprise my name was mentioned when vehicle bio fuel was discussed. He proudly announced I’m his neighbour :smile:
Shut down last night after a 100 mile roundtrip. About to light up again in an hour, going to work. Life goes on and SWEM.


There’s a first time for everything in the DOW business - Today, POLICE !!!
I was hauling an overloaded trailer of lumber today and stopped at the roadside for refuling. I was just about to close the lid when the police pulled up next to me.
-Oh, is that a gengas vehicle? We thought, with all that smoke you had serious engine problems, one of the officers said smiling.
I said: - Not at all. This is perfectly normal.
I was asked questions about how far I get on a hopper of wood and things like that. Not a single question about wether the truck was legal, driver’s license, the weight I was hauling or anything. Nor did they pay any attention to traffic honking behind them or to wife shouting: - Down, down ! The dogs were riding in here lap and she wanted them to hide on the floor :smile:
I only regret I didn’t think of using the camera until they drove off.


Haha thats too funny :smile: but you can laugh, haveing the truck woodgas legal. Here things might turn all sorts of directions, if the cops were of tge cocky kind…


Max would say: “Nothing new under the sun” and most rust belt people would probably agree.

I’ve used up all my used motor oil for the chainsaws, so time for a Mazda oil change.
I found more use for it right away. Poured oil into doors, doorsteps and box frame. Hopefully it will make the truck last a few more years.

I put ear plugs into the frame drain holes, except the front one.


Oh btw, does anyone know what that little door next to the rear tire is used for? :smile:


It is lockable so I think it is for all the money you save on petrol at that place you buy ice cream.


I have to ask you @JO_Olsson , does your fan change speed if you take out the tennis ball?

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Gasifier air inlet tennis ball?
As long as the hopper lid is open, it doesn’t matter if the inlet is open or closed. Should I forget to open up the inlet with the hopper lid closed, the fan struggles and speeds up some.
Is that what you meant? I’m not sure I understand your question.


No one understands me, not even my wife.:grin:
Well you are right, my fan does not change the lap at all if I have the lid closed and open or close the secondary air (tennis ball)


Does woodgas/air still exit the fan? Are you sure the woodgas valve up to the motor is closed?

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Yes, wood gas comes out of the fan, and the front valve is closed.
Starting to wonder if I have too tight in the fire pipe.

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Woodgas out means air in. Leak?

Time to install vacuum guages? No guessing needed then :smile:

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I have to decide if I should continue with this first.

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??? don’t understand ???

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If I should continue to try to run on firewood or shut down the project.
What size of carbon should it be in the fire tube?

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Oh, no. Don’t give up just yet, when you have come so far. With only a bigger gasifier many of your problems would be solved - bridging, power and fuel handling. The rest of the setup can remain as is.

Hard to tell. Depends a lot on what kind of driving. Normally between pea and cherry size mixed with ash and small char. Pretty much what it looked like in your pics.
The more idling and slow driving, the more the char has time to shrink. Pushing hard for a while, fines will be consumed and the avarage char size will increase.