Life goes on - Summer 2016

Regarding the book, I wish I have got the “Drive on Wood” book by Wayne Keith, which I paid but never received…yet. I guess I have to practice patience after 8 weeks of waiting…

Thanks for reminding us to enjoy the beauty around us. All I can think of on these cool mornings is about the nasty white stuff that will soon be flying.

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Good morning Mr. Ramos

Sorry the book has not arrived yet . The records show it was mailed 8 -19 -2016 to your address in Argentina .
While you are waiting for the book you can view all the videos and pictures in the construction section of the web site .

I think the more up to date information will be on the web site so there may be no reason to wait on the book to start your project

Again sorry about the slow mail.



I’m not sure why you need to make this same comment on 50 different threads. I suppose to make sure it is seen.
If your premium membership has been activated, you can go over to the home page and watch the construction video’s there is enough infor there to get you going. You will need to set up a separate sign in on the home page. .


Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends!



Spamming the forum is not a good idea. I’ve deleted all but this one copy of your comment.

In general I do not post specifics of customer data publicly, but since you’ve made it public on your own, I feel obliged to respond publicly. I want people to see how we handle this type of thing.

We shipped you a copy of Have Wood Will Travel on August 19th, after receiving your order on the evening of the 16th. This is consistent with our usual Mon/Wed/Fri mailing schedule.

Normally international deliveries take up to 6 weeks, many are delivered sooner but there is no guarantee. Tracking information is not available internationally, because no single postal system is carrying the package the whole way. The USPS could conceivably follow the package to our national border, but they do not. Once the package is handed off to the Argentinian Postal System, we cannot track it.

You wrote to us August 29th that your book hadn’t arrived. I reminded you of the international ship times, and requested your patience with the postal system.

You wrote to us September 5th, again asking for a tracking number and stating your book hasn’t arrived. I explained the lack of tracking availability (as above) and again requested your patience.

You wrote to us September 26th that your book still hadn’t arrived, and it had now been 5 weeks. At this point, I agreed that something may be amiss, and shipped a second copy. That went out the following day.

Two days later you wrote requesting an e-book version or PDF. I explained that we do not distribute this way, and requested your patience with the second mailing.

Now you are posting all over my forum with complaints, only 12 days after the second copy was shipped. There is still no way to track this mail. It is not likely to arrive for a week or two. You have to be patient.

I will remind you that you’ve had continuous and complete access to the Premium area of the website, which covers all aspects of building and operating the gasifier. There’s more info online than even in the book itself. If you need help getting logged in, view the thread here:


If this still is unsatisfactory, and you’d like a refund, please email me at [email protected], and I’ll take care of it.



Thanks for the thanksgiving wishes. I spent the weekend up on my land, lately it has gotten cool enough to warrant discharging a few cellulose - lignin solar batteries, though we’ve hardly had a killing frost yet, the growing season is over. That was confirmed Monday when it began to snow.

This was the scene yesterday morning:


The weather is supposed to turn nice again, but it’s looking like winter might come early. The northern part of the province has already gotten over a foot of snow. Last week we had 4" of rain, if it fell as snow it would have been 40". True winter weather normally prevents major precipitation from the south. Otherwise I do have snowshoes and lots of firewood. :grinning:


This is 20 gauge 30" wide x 12’ long
Good deal??

Stainless comes in many grades as I am sure you know. Just make sure you know what you are buying. And to do it justice I would want to tig weld it, but as of yet I am not qualified.

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Hi Tom I have tried looking for the design and pictures that you mentioned of the gasifier by Joseph Monty with no luck , do you have any links to his build or to his pictures , I tried doing as you suggested and clicked on your posting but didn’t see any mention of the said build .


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Ok friends. I reposted Joe Monty’s small gasifier under Tom Collins Build (?) or Gasifier (?). TomC


How the time flies !!

8 years ago this month we took a cross country trip driving east to the Atlantic coast ,then headed back south west to the gulf coast , up through mid America , out to the Pacific and back home to Alabama… It was a trip of about 7500 miles . We usually put down 5-6 hundred miles a day.

Getting any type of news coverage driving coast to coast and back on wood was very difficult. The trip was right in the middle of the presidential election .

A lot of water has gone under the bridge and wood through the hopper in the last 8 years. :relaxed:


Wayne, do you breathe the wood smoke some times? Because it looks like in the pictures you haven’t aged a bit. Did you stop at lumber yards and use their scrap wood? Where did you find all your wood supply to make a long trip and long miles every day, what is the secrets of doing this Coast to Coast feat. I am very impressed with what you have accomplished in the passed 8 years. You Are The MAN!
BBB and a hundred SWEM to you.


Good morning Mr Bob.

Thanks for the comment but at my age an extra 8 years hits hard . I am just glad to be still able to get up and go. A lot of folks I grew up with are no longer with us.

My partners located and made arrangements for us to get wood scraps from a few businesses . Also I had a generator that was fueled from the truck gasifier that ran a table saw and electric chain saw for processing wood if needed .

Trying to stay clean is a challenge , especily when it comes to the maintenance of the unit .

Trying to stay on schedule and be a a certain place at a certain time was also a challenge .

Making the the trip in October of and election year was a bad time for any publicity .


Wow Garry, better you than us. I still need more time.
At least I seen some green in that picture. I wish that was the color of my tractor.


Thank you Wayne for developing this community for us and sharing your knowledge. I hope next year is my big wood gas year. I want my truck to taste some wood gas.


Yeah Bill, it’s a bit early for snow, but it does happen. The earliest I recall a major snowfall was in the late 70’s, about 8" on September 24th. We like to claim that it “builds character”. In southern Manitoba the historical frost date is Sept 15th, but this year we just had killing frost October 12th. My land is further north, so it’s not surprising that it’s a bit harsher there. It was a very good growing season. I still have potatoes, corn and sunflowers to harvest, (apart from the corn that the sow bear and her cub ate… :imp:) so I would appreciate some nice weather yet.

It did make for nice pictures, the more stubborn poplars still holding their leaves, the tamarack are also still golden, not like a normal winter scene.

The news is that they are getting up to 6" of snow a few hundred miles north again, so winter is getting near. Time to have the woodpile in order, and maybe some snowshoes handy… :smile:


Hey now, None of that S##w talk! This is a family friendly forum. Obscenity is not permitted.


Sorry, I am bringing ugly news, and using foul language. Hopefully kids won’t be traumatized. I did hear it was snowing in North Dakota earlier this week…

I do know that the first undeniable sign of winter looming does tend to focus the mind on how to keep warm and what to do before there’s frost on the windows and minus 30 outside…

When will the topic change - after thanksgiving? That’s why we have thanksgiving on Columbus day… :stuck_out_tongue: