Life goes on - Summer 2021

Thanks for the ride Bob! Just got back from a friend’s driving mine

Went on a grouse and duck hunt with a few friends today. Didn’t do any shooting but we got into a few mushrooms. Found the common corrals which I find every year. Sent those home with a friend to try. Also found a queen bolete first one I have ever seen but was full of bugs so that one stayed in the woods. Also found my first ever chicken of the woods and when I finished picking it and turn around got a few chanterelles. Looking forward to taste testing these!


Ha! Ha! Marcus and Tom H, we each watch youtube auto presentations as we choose.
You guys like one-off Auto Sumo wrestling, and floor bouncing PowerLifting.
I choose tear-down analysis’s.
Here is a WHY to over maintain your auto transmissions. CVT’s are automatic transmissions.
(Overlook his name hung on him by his wife. Ignore the high end vehicle flags
hung around his shop. Wife and his shop manger, one fellow youtuber contributed. He, himself is a bread and butter kind of guy)

For my Wife’s Ford Edge the Fails! take you out of service, is the Power Transfer Unit.
Only 1/2 pint of 85-140 synthetic fluid. No drain plug. Stuffed up with no cooling air flow tucked up on the transmission one side output.
The PTU’s bearings cook and then shed particles die, at an average of 150K.
So I drove heated it up. Then sucked ours out at 90K. Thick metallic silver slurry. Sucked out and refilled, with drive cycles between, three times to get good clear 85-140 lube to stay clear. What I should have been doing at least for every 30K miles. I did not know. Then.
I do it now once a year.
Ha! Then the two reservoirs rear differential with viscous coupling! Should be 30K drained and refilled too.

Maintenances. Maintenances. Maintenances, to minimize wears. No wizard’ry to this stuff at all. Nuts & Bolts, clean, refreshed, best-spec fluids.
Steve Unruh


Here’s one to show you that the toilet paper shortages of later winter 2020; and the now many things getting inflation jacked up is not a new thing for us oldsters:

Lots of thefts of gallon and gallons of antifreeze I saw that winter in 74-75.
Read the factors. No different than from today.
A few real causes.
Then Rumors.
Then Panic.
Then Hording: and Profiteering.
Us guns shooters certainly seen this in ammos now 2-3 times.

Reduce (the usage-needs). Reuse ( Ha! Ha! All’s my leaking timing cover Ford pick up V-8 has seen in 15 years. Take out used coolants). Recycle (I’ve now ran three different coolant recycling set ups. Lots of steps. O.K. ending product. Better than nothing. When new is NLA).

Now apply this out wider to most all things in your lives.
Steve unruh


Now near 2 years into the ammo shortage second one in my life time. I started reloading my own last year right before everything dried up and daily searching for powder that doesn’t kill the wallet with the hazmat shipping fees. Always prefer to buy and support local but what a crock of crap when the small town ma and pa shops have been waiting 8 months on a powder shipment. Exhausted every connection I have including a dear friend and local gunshop owner I used to gunsmith for in my younger days and he was driving 3 states away to get supplies to bring back and sell he had such a high demand. Truck load of 223, 556, 7.62x39 and 308? 50,000 rounds of each on the truck sold out in under 2 hours, 2 casees of a 1000 max per person. People standing around all day waiting on that shipment or send there wife to wait for them. Lines of people around the building an hour before opening time. Had a hell of a time trying to find steel shot for waterfowl season. And I was planning to get into 3 gun competition and cowboy action shooting last year, whoooooa Nelly pump the brakes on that dream!


I mill my own black powder, one reason why I make charcoal. I bought a flintlock rifle so I can enjoy shooting without hurting my wallet. I might buy a flintlock Fowler like a Fusil de Chasse depending on how good my tax return looks. The Pedersoli rifle is fun to shoot but very slow for patched roundballs, but with a smoothbore fowler with a naked ball and an overshot wad I can reasonably hit Minute of Watermelon at 100 yards. I do it all the time with my Winchester model 1897 loaded with pumpkin ball target loads.

Fun fact you can replace sulphur in black powder for powdered sugar or dehydrated honey. Everything else especially saltpeter can be made at home.


I enjoyed black power shooting when I did it. 50 and 54 caliber.


Smoothbore at a 100 yards with just a ball is not bad at all! What grups do you get at 50?

Actualy, saltpeter can be made at home. Not worth the effort but if SHTF…

Sulfurless powder can be done but is way slower.

Edit sorry, missread your last line


My kind of people. I haven’t even bothered to look for 223 in many months. Last place that had it here was buying bulk and selling it in zip lock bags max 50 rounds. I won’t buy on-line. That’s a paper trail I’m not interested in.

Vehicle maintenance SteveU? Did I mention that about a month ago I changed the brakes on my wifes Nissan Rouge. 6 years old and the tires had not been rotated so the wheels had never been off. I had to heat them with Mapp gas to get them free of the hubs. Even the backs of the wheels were rusted to the rotors. Hours of work because of lazyness and stupidity. We won’t let that happen again. Also convinced me to break down and get my oxy-acetylene bottles refilled.


Happy Veterans day, Thanks’ for your service, all you who have served


Yes , what Al said . Thanks very much veterans .


Yes, thanks for our freedom.


The entire neighborhood has been getting their cars broken into. Someone I am good friends with had his handgun stolen from his truck. They ripped the entire safe he installed to secure it. The streets that got hit end right against the edge of my woods. Probably the same thieves that stole my good felling axe, gardening cart and my floorjack and pressure washer. I’m absolutely sick of this depraved world we all have to live in. Praying for better days and for the thieves to be locked up.


99% of the time it is Drug thieves, they would sale their own mother that brought him into the world for drugs. A good Barking dog is the best thing to have. If deer come into our yard at night she will let us know. No cars come down our street with out alert barking from her. She is the friendliest dog. She would lick you to death. If she sees a squirrel, rabbit, turkey she lets us know. We are at a end of the street and that is good too.
I would put up the harbor freight security lights around your place Cody. Thieves like to work in darkness at night.


That usually works but these ones are brazen.
Multiple houses have caught them on camera and personally under the floodlights. Dogs barking up a storm. They must be armed to be that fearless. Now every time my big dog runs into my woods barking I want to follow them with my rifle.

I have a few solar powered floodlights and motion sensors. Mostly aimed towards any predictable entrance from the woods.

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What would be cool is a good old snare host. It would be great to catch them red handed hanging upside down with the goods right below them. Hey, also like a squirrel launcher that I have see people use on you tube, a big people launcher and have it so it is recorded. What fun, you would probably get a hundred thousand likes. Kidding aside.
There is one sign that everyone respects and that is a “High Voltage Sign”.


I’d give one of my Type O Negative kidneys for all of my woods to be surrounded in HV fencing. God if only. It seems they’re using my woods as a getaway route. Probably have the Get away car opposite of the woods near the road. They have to be local to know these woods.

Some good news is the police dusted all the cars for fingerprints and are sending them off for analysis to see if it matches to prior criminals.


Get a decent cattle fencer and you could put wire where they can’t see it at night, they’ll wake you up when they find a wire…


These thieves are not strangers they know who you are. It will shock you when they get caught. And I am praying asking Yehovah that they will be caught in his words Name Yeshua. That this will straighten there lives out and do good and not evil.
The electric fences is a good idea. Use the black wire insulators they do not show up as much. It will help keep the deer out of your yard too. The one of the other reason you put it up if asked when they get caught.


It is a extra 10 to 15 years in prison for armed robbery. They usually just run away now. When entering a house they will unlock all doorways out of the house for a fast escaping out of there.
Here in Washington State we have a new law passed by our idiot law makers that the police now can not persue them if they start running away. This is Crazy yes.


They are emboldened every day because they won’t be persued, they won’t be convicted, they won’t be punished. In king county you can’t be pulled over unless you commit a violent crime. If you steal and get caught and you say you did it to feed your family or your a poc you get automatically let go. Hell and a hand basket is where we are. Trust in the lord, Glock and colt. He who believes will be saved, the armor of God is stronger then anything this world can throw at us. Worldly possessions come and go, we have better things on the way