Life goes on - Summer 2022

They bite at night or the morning or cloudy rainy days when the water is stirred up. The taste good when you get them, but they can be buggers to catch especially for kids that are used to harder hitting fish, and they usually only hit once. The first one I caught, I thought I had a weed, and was just reeling in to check the lure. I heard they were also sensitive to boat noise as well, which is hard to control with kids. I was the kid bouncing around at the time so I don’t know if that is true or not. :slight_smile:


Hey Marcus .

Any DOW member that would come by the farm I would gladly give them a lifetime supply of hay filter material . Even load it for them :blush:


Just wondering Wayne, do you use the older hay or fresh cut hay for your filtering? Which is better in your opinion?


At the end of the video I noticed 5 gallon buckets with wood in them? So do you have stashes of wood in different places on the fields you use by tool sheds?


what no pictures of elated gran kids holding up monsters of the deep???


That’s his strategic fuel reserves! I’m sure a bucket is more convenient to fill with at the house or on short trips.


ill admit its annoying in the Toyota trying to either stuff empty bags in the cab with me or stack full bags on them in the bed to keep them from flying out of the truck


Good morning Mr. Bob

I use whatever that happens to be close by . :blush:


Yes Bob and Cody .

I do have a couple buckets of wood riding in the truck with me .

The buckets you see in the video are hyd oil and tractor fuel , gasoline and diesel .

I only put about 3 gallon in each of them and it makes it much easier to handle while climbing around on the tractors .


Amen to that! I use two gallon gas cans so I can control the funnels and spilling better, than with those 5 and 6 gallon gerry cans.


Apparently Aliexpress is combining shipping now as a ‘feature’ So now orders sit in their warehouse waiting to be bundled with the rest of your order even if it is a different seller prior to shipping, and they aren’t giving you a shipping discount.

So if you order stuff from aliexpress and you want it quickly, or you appreciated getting multiple packages that you forgot what you ordered so it is like xmas when you finally get it. I suggest doing multiple separate orders.


Y’know I’ve never ordered from them, but thanks for the heads up. Might have to use it for materials eventually.

I am sure it’s a nervous inspection day. Lucky for me we don’t have inspections in my state. Registreringsbesiktning av 145:an! - YouTube


I don’t really like to order from them. But you can find the same listings on aliexpress as you can on ebay, amazon, wish, or banggood(whom I trust less then aliexpress) and most of the time cheaper.

To make a long story short, the other places didn’t actually have what I wanted within my cheapeskate budget. And I have to roll up my sleeves a bit to actually get close to what I am aiming for and it may not work quite right but at the very least I have something to work with to test proof of concept of the whole system.

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Yesterday was our first frost.


Same here, really cold night to yesterday.
First frost.


Pumpkin harvest today.


Ha! Ha! I have an animal picture this morning too

A wild horse moved down from the mountains to find our shaded side yard meadow grass.
The cut wood on the ground is the very last I was going to split and move under cover for this winter.
He is a wild stallion. Very aggressive and has possessed this meadow. He will not let me in to get the wood now.
Fall rains predicted to begin in five days.
I will wait and come back to the wood, hoping once he crops the grass closely he will move on.
(the Wife and the two girl children just see pretty horse. I see hundreds of pounds/kilos of horse meats. I dare not say this. My pragmatic namesake German side.)
Steve Unruh


Befriend him Steve. Feed him sugar and carrots. He will make an excellent guard, better then any dog.


Yes true. Donkeys and Llamas are better as they eat a whole lot less.
He started to push on that new temp. yard fence going for grass on the house side.
So’s I started up the generator for another oil change and some measure one gallon-gasoline kW electrical versus heats tests.
He still hung around. Then started up the push lawnmower and mowed that grass on the house side. He then moved back up the gated Weyerhaeuser forest access road.
Leary about letting the two girls out to bicycle ride the lane and that access road now. He to a tree challenged a daily walker neighbor and her little dog.
Or, me out leash walking our dog.
Ha! And I’d only been mildly concerned about bear scats found and reports of cougars. Lots and lots of deer here.
Oddly no coyotes. And no creepy weird neighbors.

Oh yeah. They gals here have cut up apples for him to be-friend. Dreams of him bring back a cut-out mare and starting a family herd here. This little five acres once had four mountains packing horses and one mule supported here. Lot of hay and grain to have had to buy out.
I am not so sure he is not a release from here come back home.