Life goes on - Winter 2015

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Life goes on - Summer 2015

Carry on!

Went too a swap meet today and picked up some more old snowmobiles. The fellow we got them from gave my son a free air Kohler to rebuild for his John deere spit fire… the correct engine for it. Pretty good day.


Hey guys, I need info, what is the measurement on those 30gal barrel lids? I hope I have the size right, it’s the smaller ones! They may be 25gal I don’t know!
I’m thinking about replacing my lid but I don’t have one to measure, my opening is 15&5/8 on the outside and 15&3/8 on Inside! I’m wondering if one of those lids would cover that size opening? I did make a couple calls off Craigslist and found out they may be hard to get! If someone could give me that measurement I would appreciate it! Thanks

Hello Herb.

I measured a lid and it was 14-5/8 from outside lip to outside lip.

The inter section ridge that fit down in the barrel measured 13-3/4

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Thanks a lot Wayne! Very kind of you!! Herb H

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We like alternative fuel right??


But will it start on coke?

This video didn’t work out but the audio is OK

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Nice trail road, i like them kind of country roads, I may have too go lighten my load in case i loose a tire too a rattle snake pond.last time i lost a wheel and tire i had my car hauler loaded with cement block and the metal sideing too put on my barn,hard too tell the weight unless one has hauled block before.That was my first time moveing block 65 miles,made it about 35 miles at around 45 MPH,lucky it was in a big ditch away from homes and cars were’nt any stoped in proxemity of the hill it rolled off on.SWEM HAD i been driveing on wood i would have taken a back country road.

Sounds like I might have finally come across a line on some solid 55 gallon lidded barrels! I over-heard a local saying he had a bunch that he was getting rid of after giving up on WVO for his bus. He said he was better off doing artwork and selling that for cash to buy pump diesel than he was making it himself.


Well, that wasn’t really worth it… WVO guy had said he had “several barrels, including lidded ones, for a couple bucks”.

After a few hours of vague phone tag, I get to his place to find out he’s got 2 barrels and they aren’t ready to go. One open-ended with a matching lid (no seal gasket) and a rusted bolt through the ring lock, and a damaged closed-ended still 1/3 full of veggie oil/rainwater sludge.

Another 45 minutes jury-rigging his mish-mashed 12v pumps together to get the sludge out of the closed-ended drum and into buckets.

Also, he was now asking 10$ each for them. Considering they’re no worse than what I got, and I didn’t want to walk away from all that BS empty handed, I have him 10$ for the pair and a cheap “barrel dolly” (platform with wheels).

Happy thanksgiving (Canadian) everybody


Happy thanksgiving Arvid .

Will it be OK for me to celebrate your thanksgiving this week and then ours next month :innocent:


Absolutely… any reason to have turkey is good by me…

I actually had turkey today, but that was totally random: “we’ve been eating a lot of beef/pork lately. We should have some bird. There’s some ground turkey that we could turn into meatballs.”

Happy thanksgiving Arvid

Congratulation. You have Thanks Giving and we have Columbus Day. They sound related. Now some people are insisting we call it “indiduous people cay”. ( Ha! My spell correction didn’t even know how to spell indiduous> )

The Oatmeal, a comic who is known for being a bit over the top at times, wrote about his distaste for Columbus day


a damaged closed-ended still 1/3 full of veggie oil/rainwater sludge.

So I was an idiot for trusting a complete idiot. WVO Dude said that the barrel just had “some residual unprocessed veggie/canola oil, but mostly just rainwater” in it. I thought to myself “What’s a little bit of canola oil and rainwater going to hurt?” and proceeded to turn the drum upside down in the bushes next to my shop. What came out of the drum was very obviously NOT “rainwater with a bit of residual canola oil”. A quick sniff of the liquid and confirming Google search and I realized that I had just dumped a few gallons of mostly agricultural petroleum diesel (and some rainwater) all over the ground on my land.

I was livid but didn’t have much I could do about it. I had already deleted moron’s number and text-log from my phone, and even if I found my way back to his aunt and uncles place, the best I’d get out of him would be a “Whoa… Really? That… really kinda… sucks… you know, man? Did you save the diesel? Could I have it back? That would totally rock my bus for a while.”