Life goes on - Summer 2015

Time to put winter on the shelf! Continued from here:

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Happy Easter everyone

Thanks brother Al .

Same to you and family :relaxed:

Happy Easter to everyone. I have been cleaning up bodily fluids from 2 sick children with stomach bugs the last few days. It appears the 6 year old is all better and the 2 year old is on the up-swing. Having sick kids is worse then being sick yourself.

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Yes Kids are quite the germ incubators,HAHAHA!!!

Next Tuesday afternoon Don Mayton asked me to bring my Geo Tracker to his big pole barn where he and a half dozen retired guys are restoring old Buick cars (he has close to a dozen mint cars back to the 1920’s). This is the same place where he and his crew restored the GM Futureliner

They are interested in having a wood gas demonstration and I hope it will not be one of those times when everything goes wrong!


very cool! I have no doubt that you’ll do a fine presentation… wish I could be there even.

That is a great honor Don. A fantastic piece of history, and a part of American auto heritage, that all of us on DOW can participate in. Be sure to invite them to Argos. I’m sure you’ll do very well.

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I seem to remember something about “Mongo likes fire”


My town is growing a new 175 foot tall cell phone tower.
Metal with a tree appearance. Actually does color-wise

Background blends in good.
Steve Unruh


DELETE this add because it is sold/or not found

That is rely cool. Amazing what directed oxygen can do.


What cell tower . Can’t even see it. Awesome camouflage .

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Hey Steve .

If that cell tower were down here the beavers would wear out a good set of teeth on it .

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Well the cell tower does look a bit better fully limbed down MikeyB

Yep Wayne. A welded metal, bug and beaver proof trunk.
Still not the tallest “tree” in-town.
Steve Unruh

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My mom and dad.

Recently celebrated 68 years of marriage.


Good feeling to know that you made it through a Michigan winter without using any big corporation gases of any sort. Good old fashioned hand-split fuel wood cords is all we used this year


Hello all.

I have my next winter home heating wood accounted for and hauling it to the barn so it will stay dry.

Also I have a lot of down or dead timber that should make enough fire wood for the following winter. Wood , wood , wood. Maybe I should do more driving :relaxed:


Having all that fuel laying on the ground, I had to watch the video. Where and how do you store all the wood chunks for your truck? I’ve seen you load them in bags, then where? I don’t have big out buildings so I was thinking of something like a corn crib? Any other ideas? I don’t dare chunk up any more wood for it will just rot on the ground.