Life goes on - Winter 2016

Yes, life goes on. It will go on much better for those who have a skill that requires hands-on. I saw the crash coming in '05. I started writing in '07. I’ve had 12 years of intense reading to understand every facet of the problem. We spent the last 60 years inventing labor-saving devices at the same time that we were trying to keep full employment. The computer pushed us over the edge. Containerized shipping pushed us over the edge.
Massive invesment flowed to China to take advantage of global-wage-arbitrage,. With ultra-cheap shipping, the low-cost labor market set the roof on wages. It was bad enough competing with laborers who earned 30–50$ a month. Competing with robots is even worse.
GOV has always tried to absorb workers who couldn’t make it in the competitive, private labor market. New Jersey spends $ 1,102,465 to maintain one mile of two lane highway for one year. Arkansas spends $ 36, 562. California spends $ 972,461.
The ability of GOV to absorb “excess” workers has been overwhelmed by the job losses from outsourcing and automation. Manufacturing is the number one value-added industry. When China set the roof on wages in manufacturing, everybody else had to follow to compete. The whole world has slowly slid down to a global-mean-wage.
This has wiped out discretinary spending.
“Yet S&P’s Global Luxury Index peaked almost three years ago in July 2014. Since then, it’s down about 13%.”

Inflation has gone up 40 fold but, wages have only gone up 17 fold. Labor’s share of the economic pie has fallen for decades. After WW II, America had 3% of the population and 50% of the manufacturing capacity. Times have changed and national aggregate income has fallen drastically.
I’ve written some 2,000 posts on this. We’re spending ourselves down and running on fumes.

Martin Armstrong has an ENORMOUS computer program that has predicted ALL of this. 23,000 variables and all the economic history of the world running on AI in real-time. He predict a crash in the sovereign-bond market. That would bring and end to most GOV programs and, more importantly, most imports. We import 8.1 million barrels of oil every day.
The whole “edifice” is kept afloat by FED printing. The stock market is at 2.7 times historical valuations. It is currently impossible to say just how long FED printing can keep air under our national hoivercar. When the air blast stops, the hover car comes to a halt. The national debt is now pegged at $ 20 trillion, even though it is twice as high. In a few weeks, we hit the debt ceiling. It is expected that congress will refuse to raise it above $20.1 trillion
The cheerleaders are cheering as loud as they can. Their cheers are sounding more and more hollow. 95% of the financial news is BS meant to keep the muppets from pulling out of the markets. Here is a list of names / writers who have proven to be correct all along.

Automatic Earth
Martin Armstrong blog
Charles Hugh Smith
James Kunstler, if you dare
Jim Willie, another scary one but, very interesting predictions/ideas
Hugo Salinas Price and Adrian Salbuchi write in both spanish and English
Zero Hedge has unbelievably informative articles
Daily Reckoning
Peak Prosperity
MISH, (Mike Shedlock)

The country has spent itself down from it’s post-war prosperity. “The monetary base, or “central bank money” – money created directly by a central bank – has gone from 10% of GDP in 2008 to 35% at the end of 2016 in OECD countries!” The FED is printing 25% of the GDP to keep things going. It takes $10 of new debt to get a $1 increase in GDP. Nobody knows how long this can go on, except perhaps Martin Armstrong.
Currently, the U.S. dollar is the least-ugly horse in the glue factiory. There is a lot of capital flight to the dollar. There is a $1 trillion flight from China alone in the last year. Everyone has acknowledged that the Euro and the Eurozone are TOAST. Greece wants to switch over to the dollar. There is capital flight out of the Euro.
There are a LOT of writers who claim that the dollar will become worthless. BS, the dollar has a very high uitlity value It is the most fungible instrument there is. NOT gold. Gold is a store-of-value, not a currency.
Keep cash in the house. The FDIC has $2.4 billion in assets and insures about $71 trillion. The Pension Benefits Guarantee Corporation is equally underfunded. U.S. GOV unfunded liabilities is reckonned at $ 212 trillion (Kotlikoff)
I wish all of you the best.


Guys, look what l stumbled on looking at random videos on youtube!

This is my very first mobile woodgas system! Dont laugh, l was about 14 years old and only started to discover the butyfull world of DOW.

Its a Tomos 2stroke 50cc moped, and the gasifier is a Imbert style, but with a much too big dimensions for the engine. It burned cubes of wood, roughly 1x1cm.
Tarred the iston soon.


You could have used a couple more hp in your hilly terrain :smile: but personal experiance is hard to beat.


Fantastic job. Back then there was little information on gasifying, especially over here. That must have been a great learning experience for you. ( who was working with you?) Did you have a plastic jar that was feeding oil into the cylinder— I didn’t see how you regulated the oil. What did you do with this project? Did you take it any further — like change the gear ratio, or change it to one wheel drive so that it didn’t require more power.? I have a 350 cc Honda sitting in the barn for 20 years that I have always though about making a 3 wheeler with wood gas. But unlike you I am a thinker and not a doer. TomC

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Similar job situation in manufacturing up here. In the small town where I work, the city is slowly going broke, a good 10 big plants have moved on out, and the only thing that moved in during that time was a warehouse with maybe 50 jobs. Property taxes are being cranked up to compensate. Our 2017 federal budget is coming down next month, and what’s leaked out so far is more bad news for small business owners and real estate speculators. In short, more taxes to cover revenues that once were provided by the private sector, largely in manufacturing.

That’s the near future from the looks of it, more taxes to cover lost revenues. Capital gains taxes could be going up 50%, and there is talk of a mandatory application for your principal residence capital gains tax exemption, which used to be automatic. Some say this is setting the stage for a future tax on appreciation of your principal residence, even if it’s just a place that you call home.

Last year, I finally made the call that things are going to get even worse before they get better, and getting better is a long ways off. It may actually be that we are living in the in the final transition from an industrialized economy (in the West), to whatever comes next. If the federal budget pans out as per the leaks, it will confirm what I was fearing: more taxes that you can’t say no to, and heavier taxation on the necessities of life.

So, last year, I also decided to finally take action to offset these increases as much as it’s possible. I have a multi pronged strategy in effect now to offset every new tax and fee that is levied on my household, and amazingly, I believe I have actually REDUCED my total tax burden in 2016! Tax season is just around the corner, so I will know soon enough :grin:

This year, I hope to put gasification to work for me in further reducing not only my cost of living, but also providing an even deeper cut into my tax burden.

Hopefully, my job security holds out while I am making all these changes…


Tom, there was a nozzle on the intake that fed oil to the engine by its own suction.

The man you see in the video with me is my father. The most help l got was finantial, he bought me a old moped and all the materials for the project.
The heavy threeweel was later dumped, and converted back to a 2 wheel, and equipt with a G3k pellet gasifier. Later, it became a charoal powered moped,

The oilpump proved to be unsucsessful over long perions of time. The original oil nozzle was more sucessfull. But allinall, it ran (and still does) ruk good on charcoal.


That was great Kristijan, I looked at the other videosi too. I like the part where both of you were riding on the moped trike. I can tell you had a great life of learning growing up.
Very few young people get this kind of opportunity in their growing up now, all in the fantasy world of gaming and brainwashing on the computers. No hands on building things with our hands and tools and then going for a ride on it down the street on it. DOW


Back from Mother Earth news fair, 800 miles RT. Not as big a crowd as last year, and Saturday they set us (Martin Payne and me), up in the “food court” Nobody came there except to eat! Very poor crowd, and very noisy with 3 generators, and outside in the adjacent field,5 Catapillar earth movers and 2 dozers remodeling the land scape.

Sunday we moved ourselves to the front door like last year. HUGE difference!

Big crowds inside.

Lots of interest out front. Chris, you should be getting some inquires.


Thanks for the report Mr. Carl

Your truck looks like a winner :relaxed:

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they most likely thought you were a portable barbeque I have been asked many time whats cooking smells good . it looks like a good time there hope you had fun.


Looks good carl i see you got the truck back good and solid, and you are still useing the aluminum rails rear sections. If they only had the wood gas self fueling feeling after the first drive, and seeing how well it works.


First time this year sun is feeling warm. Starting to feel what it’s like to be alive again.
Taking the dogs for a walk and wherever you look there’s fuel :grin:


I know this is a bit old, but thanks for providing these links. The USGS aquifer stuff is interesting, and I have been eating up the site. Those guys have a lot of things figured out! Highly recommended to all here! :slight_smile:

Wood heat , hard to beat :grinning:


Nice heat supply on wood, i thi k the cold circled circled around and came back to michigan, its going down too 15 f tonight and pushing lots of wind. Got truck on wood again, runs grate, just running down some air leaks,or pluging problems that is out of adjustment.


Sounds like you and I have the same weather.
I really like all the photos of the different control interfaces people have setup. It helps to see different ways of monitoring the gasificers.


Glad to see you guys are having some nice weather. Our high temps will not be 15*f till Monday when the snow comes with the lows well below 0. Looking good Kevin. Glad to hear you are dow.

Lots of wood with all the branches and trees that got knocked down too. 60mph winds, and I watched a dead box elder fall.

Lots a wood, i made my first 40 mile round trip today, the old chevys are slow on wood, though i think i could pull a few thousand pounds of wood home with light trailer, the computor trucks are a much better choice for hybriding for extra power when needed.I will probbly hook up a propane injector nosel for towing. And hill climeing, carb trucks just aint not the better choice for wood gas power drop.

good wood hauling truck either way i am happy just seeing how clean the exougst is, aint no smoke at all.Good plans mr. Wayne keith Thanks for all the design ideas from the DOW.


What does it have an old 350 of 454? I wonder if swapping the heads to gain compression would help alot on power? The list of things you can do to a 350 is almost endless.

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