Life goes on - Winter 2022

Apparently another snowstorm is gonna hit the PNW this week, you might get some wind snapped branches or trees if you keep your eyes peeled.


When I pulled them out they were usually surprised that after the hook up I would leave about ten foot of slack and put the pedal to the metal. Somebody better be in the drivers seat. That’s the whole point of recovery straps. They are made to spring you out.
People are the same everywhere Goran.


Tom the scariest thing about snatch ropes is when people wrap them around their ball hitch and not somewhere on the frame.

That ball can snap right off and go at the speed of a cannonball into the car behind you. It’s killed people before.


Goran in Washington State USA you can get a ticket for pulling some out of a ditch. Crazy laws we have here. Helping Friends and family they can just stuff that law up where the sun does’nt shine. Who bribed oh I mean lobbied the government for that law? Towing and insurance companies.


Good point cody, I would be weary of useing the smaller ball hitch, because the bolt holding the ball on, not much bigger around than a small baby finger, Much safer hook on the frame from now on for sure. i heard that them stretch ropes make good pull out of ditch ropes, though i never had one, I usually look for somthing too get a cheap come along hooked on and pull myself out of a ditch that way, and if the ground if froze, you can drive a stake in and pull off the stake.


I keep a come along in my truck just in case, there’s always a tree I can hook up to.


Wishing everyone a great Thanksgiving day :blush:


A little joke of the day?

-911, Can i help you?

-Eh…eh…i’ve found a man here…i think he’s suffering a heart attack…you must send an ambulance in a hurry…

-Yes, and whats your location sir?

-236 Eucalyptus Bouleward.

-Can you please spell that sir?



-How about i just drag him over to Oak Street and you pick him up there?


Happy Thanksgiving all!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone


Happy Day of Thanks Giving to everyone on this this site. May everyday be a Day of Thanks Giving to all.


Hallelujah I fixed my big air compressor. The Pressure Switch had finally died after decades running in the elements. My dad was definitely a safety Sally, with 3 overpressure relief valves built into the system.

This thing was old when Dad got it from his brother. A Ingersoll-Rand 30T compressor. Gigantic 5 Horsepower 240v single phase motor.


We are on a fast trip to the Czech Republic. Thanks for the help Kamil. We were rushing down your place around Praghe, correct? On our way to inspect a machine and back before the weekend.

Why do I post? Czech people are really friendly and the country is beautifull. Prague is a pearl! To bad we had to change the route and spent the night in the east instead of the city. More reasons to come back. Thanks Kamil. Interesting guy on the picture.

And driving 2500 km 1500 ml in two days is still an adventure. How easy would a diesel car do this.


Certainly, Joep, if you came from North West, you might ride through Mělník on your way to Prague.

Maybe next time there will enough time to prepare your visit better and we may meet somwhere during your journey.


Finally had some time to wire in a 240v outlet. 50 amp plug and breaker, for some reason all the Chinese dual voltage machines use a 50 amp adapter for 240v but they don’t demand that much. Might as well have it overspecced to demand I guess. The shop was built in the 90s so it’s proper grounded, copper rod driven deep into the ground. Grandma had this shop built for dad to do his painting projects and auto body work. It’s what helped him make money when Freightliner and then Daimler-Freightliner had a slew of layoffs.


In less fun news, I believe the tank in the air compressor has developed a stress crack at the weld in the legs. I can hear air whistling out when the compressor shuts off and I can feel air leaving the underside near the legs. I’m not a repairman for these but I’m pretty sure if I tried to weld the crack on a pressure bearing vessel I could set it up for a more catastrophic failure. Might be time to finally retire the tank and save the old compressor head. I’d like to keep my eardrums and legs.


I’d weld it, no worries. Then I’d weld a band-aid over the weld.


Please be careful around that compressor, i’ve seen them explode and that is no fun!
If it leaks in the bottom it’s a big risk of rust inside, it could have rusted very thin, and extra dangerous if theres a lenghtwise weld in the bottom.
Put a standing pallet or something as a shielding wall beside it, it will stop flying debris.


It’s just outside the shop, but yeah I will definitely put a pallet between it and the metal wall.

It’s on the lower side for sure. I really don’t want to use this compressor tank anymore. Like I’ve said before it was already old when Dad got it more than 20 years ago.


Quite nice sometimes in the winter, but difficult to walk in when hunting.
However, I admire you who can work in the sun, it’s easier here when it’s around the freezing point.