MGS S-80 Sawdust Gasifier Resurrected

Sorry again, my name is not well chosen. It should be dustpower or something, or just Joep. Pellets are a dead end in many ways.

That is something I don’t want to tackle if someone allready did. Better buy than stupid build. The rest I can handle, but designing a sawdust gasifier is not something I will achieve in this lifetime. Nobody has to tell me how many design hours there are in for example the Missouri. I can guess but it will always be to low.

As long as I have work, there will be free sawdust for me. If I am unemployed, there will be time for chunking wood. That wouldn’t be bad either, it is very relaxing. Chainsaws run on a battery here, very quite. So whatever life brings, it’s ok.


Hi joep, have you any slab wood available there, i plan on useing slab wood this summer, it a little light being mostly cotton wood, the slab wood for pine is usually quit a bit thinner, if its too thin i through it in the home heating pile like Wayne K . The cotton wood slabs loose a lot of bark, and thats pita too collect too burn for home heating fuel. Learning too line up the best bio mass fuel. Fun Fun, enjoy your projects, Have Wood Will Travel, is a very nice Book too get building strait away, while learning a tone of the varibles and building ideas.

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Could start by having a man in the back of the truck with a chainsaw making cookies. Next he uses an axe to chunk the wood. Next he feeds the chunks into a small grinder of sorts and into the gas producer. Once that is working keep replacing sub-units with new ideas. I admit that it is an interesting and challenging project. Before starting on a project like this I would go into the forest and set on a nice stump and ponder the whole scheme.

I have mine all sawed out. It will be tiny and on wheels. I hope to take it with me. :wink:


Well said Mr. Steve.

The greatest challenge in education is teaching those who don’t know what they don’t know what they don’t know.

Woodgas is easy after a few thousand hours of practice.

Totally opaque to those without such experience.

We do well to learn from those with tens of thousands of hours of experience like Wayne and Raymond and you, and Larosa, lets not forget about Mr. Mike.

Sir Wayne said it well when he said “woodgas is like riding a bicycle”.

Can’t get there without real world experience regardless of study and pondering ;~)

Got to skin a knee and elbow or two more than once.

Helps to be encouraged by friends showing how easily it can be done. We may get there when the time is right.

IMHO one of the greatest challenges of those who know, is hanging in there -without flamIng out? Pun intended.

Keep up the great works! All the best.



Hello Brother Doug .

Real good to here from you sir and hope all is well in the Show-Me state.

Yes I have found that operating a gasified vehicle is kinda like learning to ride a bicycle . If one reads all the books , does all the math and watch all the videos and then gets on the bicycle for the first time my bet is he will not ride off without a few wobbles and most likely will hit the ground a time or two.

After some practice he will learn how to make the BALANCE ADJUSTMENTS on the fly and not even notice he is doing so. Also he will learn how to watch and think ahead of the bike making adjustments unconsciously, like standing before hitting a big bump. ( certain things can cause a PITA ) :frowning_face:

There is no substitute for hands on real world experiences.

On the bright side , once you learn how to ride the bike you never forget :smiley:


Doug I am from Alabama but I truly like your state’s saying .

" Show Me State " got its nickname because of the devotion of its people to simple common sense. In 1899, Rep. Willard D. Vandiver said, “Frothy eloquence neither convinces nor satisfies me . I’m from Missouri. You’ve got to show me .”


I Gess i am just a city kid, Slow learning stooge. Back too wood chunking its more fun anyway. No good news for sawdust. Any body tryed auger feed chunks, or a sort of auto feed chunks while driveing. ? :blush::relaxed::grinning::turtle:


You may NOT forget, gut you surely loose proficiency. My point. Take the ferry over to Mackinac Island where "no automobiles " are allowed. Pick yourself a nice spot on the hill over looking the dock where the ferry comes in. They rent bikes for people to tour around the island. It is a “hoot” to watch people who are retired and haven’t been on a bike for years to work at getting the hang of it again. TomC


Hi Tom Collins, I havent been too the Mackenaw bridge in 50 years, all i remember is the big wooden fence walls part of the island.


I am serious, in a way, about having a man in the back etc. Need to start some where. Next eliminate the man. Out of the box; remove the auto pilot stuff from a crashed discarded Tesla. :thinking: Install auto pilot in truck. Now we eliminated the man driving and you can run the equipment in the back of the truck. :rofl: :rofl::disappointed_relieved: :joy:

I am more serious about setting on a stump and thinking this trough. Maybe too many operations on the truck? Could a stump grinder work to reduce logs? What does the chips/dust look like from a stump grinder?

This is how the creative mind works.:partying_face:


From a common sense standpoint, I think this makes a lot of sense to me. A gasoline truck does not have a fuel refinery in the back, why try and make a woodgas truck that does? I do like the idea of mechanizing the fuel production, though, but seems more logical to make it stationary. That also lets you get the benefits of scaling up. Working on this batch of chunks for Jakob makes me realize just how much work producing fuel is without the right machinery. I hope that someone with more mechanical aptitude than me builds something (and posts pictures).


I Think your probbly right about too lany operations in the truck as far as power consuming , And then weight and space, though i like the idea of auto pilot tesla operating the truck while i feed the hopper, Thats a good one. Another brain thought was putting a double slideing hopper door seal, with enough room for half bag of chunks, for smokeless refill manual or outo feed conveyer type setup. Would be nice too extend the manual refill times. refill the conveyer setup.


Should a Källe generator work with sawdust, it worked the coal down to 2mm?

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I would be looking for more like an auto- matic large wood chipper , if it was low watts could posible. though i think i am going too stay with wood chunks that i know how the work with WK type gasifier setup, After not hereing too much positives for moble sawdust gasifiers, maybe too tempermental on the auto feed voluems, and try too make some sort of auto feed with wood chunks instead. Thanks could maybe though.

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Though coal is much easyer too powder. peobley not work so well with wood.

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I think we need to start a fuel processor thread. Steve did make a point, we are steering off topic and this thread is for the MGS S-80. The discussion here could be looked at by some as taking away from the integrity of the subject and it shouldn’t. So respectfully we should move this to a more appropriate topic.


Sorry about the miss understanding, i missed that point all too gether, Good idea, maybe you can pm chris and anslize ware too move this too Thanks.


The Stump grinders I have worked with turn the wood into large sawdust/ small chips to small for a wk or imbert but maybe will work better in a sawdust gasifier.


too much dirt gets mixed in. TomC


Maybe the concept could be applied to logs and maybe not.

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Some type of grinder might work on demand though i think were better off useing chunks and seeung how we can auto reload too extend our run times before manual reloads, were supose too be moveing this study too alternitive fuel & processing.Thanks.All.

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