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Thanks for that!!! I could make some sort of a clear plastic box and do essentially the same thing, but longer lasting. Maybe some sort of seal-a-meal …??? Anyhoo, I still like what I came up with. It took about 3 hours to do it the first time. I think I can do it in about 1/2 hour next time. If I did a set of four all at the same time maybe 1 hour.
I did a search on Amazon. vacuum gauge, sort by: price, low to high. I see some in the 4 to 7 USD range. Of course I wish they were in the 2 for a penny range, but what the hay. :stuck_out_tongue:


Inches of water H2O guage for $4 to $7? You sure it is not HG - inches of mercury?


Yes, you’re right. Inches of mercury, and I realize now they aren’t sensitive enough.


a small adaptation to an air bur to run grooves in plastic plates


Demolition of a concrete in a steel tube,
adaptation of a sawing system to the diamond disc to then be broken with a pneumatic hammer.


The car inspector sayd the discs on my trusty old Seat need replaceing, or latheing down due to severe oxidation and pitting on some places. Well, new discs do cost money and l do not posess a lathe… Or do l? :wink:

Surpriseingly, it did a preety good job. I need to correct one side, l can feel its not 100% true. The left side apears to come out perfect.


Good job Kristijan; I was at my mechanic’s shop and he had a brake lathe sitting in the corner. He was putting new disks on a truck. l asked him if they ever ground brakes down any more and he said up here in the rust belt, the disk/drums are too pitted. That salt or cloride or what ever they are putting on the roads cost us big money for the material but worst what it does to our vehicles. TomC


I usually glue abrasive paper to the blocks and then ride and brake a little gently, doing really well.


Ha, thats a fantastic idea! Thanks will try tomorow.