Tractor with gas?

Some work in the afternoon, … preparing the ground for the concrete slab under the wooden building, otherwise I was taking the excess material to a place nearby, but anyway I fired up in the gasifier and the tractor was idling while I was loading the material, and then the ride steep uphill. 10-15 minutes of idle engine operation, then with all available power, well, a small reset of the gas/air ratio is required, but shortly after that, the setting must be returned to the “factory” setting. …


My son Domn and I already concreted half of the floor slab on Saturday, well, the sand is quite coarse, but I decided to crush the remaining sand more finely, I adjusted the jaws of the “Razinger”, fired up the gasifier and finished the job. I am always surprised by my Fergie because the mill set up like this is very difficult to drive. In the beginning Fergie had big problems, then I tried diesel fuel, but it was not much better and I returned it to wood, well, after some time of operation with slow dosing of sand, Fergie recovered and turned the mill. In the afternoon it was hot to work in the sun (33°C), but we worked at full capacity, there was not much condensation in the funnel, maybe 1 liter, and there was also liquid in the cooler and filter only for a sample, the gasifier does its job well . This today’s attempt to compare the power between diesel fuel and wood gas confirms the theory that the torque or power of the engine is almost the same.