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Nope. Nope. Nope. I disagree. I disagree. I disagree.
Psychology of Manipulations.
You either open yourself up to being manipulated by others, for their own purposes and gains . . .
Or you free yourself from Them and take control manipulating you own emotions.
They will sell you with fears; desires; lusts; shames; greeds and gluttony’s.

Take that home mortgage. They want to make that possible for you. Then sell you that you are now “safe”, "sound’ and “secure.” Until . . . there is more to sell you on.

Well you have made a sound decision alright if that mortgage did put you into a place that can satisfy the real needs of yourself and your family. Today and tomorrow. For decades.
But you are just a bad car wreck; economy downturn; heart attack away from losing it.
So they then sell you these fears and load you up with extra Insurances.

Instead do anything; say anything to get into the place, morgaged. THEN make your true fear the understanding that until you do own it outright free and clear, you and your family are not safe. Not secure.
Let those fears drive you to in all ways possible to convert your time into money the can be sent off monthly to pre-pay down the principal on that mortgage. Drive yourself for 10-15 years pay-off. Doing this the interest rate factor; the mandatory insurance loading all then fall out.
Once you have this plan-goal fixed firmly in your mind and heart then ALL of their froo-froo games they will play on you for Investments; Credit Cards, and Rebates; buy-now Discounts will be in your mind felt as assalts on your getting safe and secure. Think. Think. You had to spend money you had to borrow to get those Rebates and Discount. That ain’t progressing forwards. It is slipping farther into debt.

Decades now I’ve seen true own-thier-own-homeowners who have been able to weather severe setbacks just then having to pay the annual taxes. Even setting aside repairs and especially “home-Improvements”. Get it owned free&clear. And keep it unencumbered free&clear.

JoepK. the Ramsey system talking face guy says he has gone from $40,000 in personal debt in ten years to being now a millionaire. He says . . . and the Ramsey daughter say after you are a true net worth a millionaire then you can splurge on a new car.
He chose a Tesla. A used 50% depreciated low miles Tesla.

Nope, never used the Ramsey methods. Ha! When I was young I had to hard-nose develop many frugal living techniques myself.
My previous generation family were wonderful teachers on what to do. And what not to do.
Those were hard learnings. Involving bankrupsys and repossessions.

To ALL: do view the Ramsey System presentations. They are good to excellent.
They will explain the self-applied psychology of why you would ignore the debts interest rates; and quick as possible pay of the smallest off first then on up to the largest to get the staged boosts pickups of climbing out of enslavement. You DID this.
YOU got yourself in after all. ONLY by changing yourself will keep yourself from getting culturally sucked back in.
Steve Unruh


Thanks and yes, the cheapest loan is no loan. We have a little on the car and the mortgage annoys me. It is not that bad. That is it. If I want something, I pay for it. If I cant pay, I want to much.

Car is just calculating. It is cheaper to not pay roadtax and fuel. It saves €400-€500 a month and costs €290. And zero maintanance, that is at least €1000 extra a year.

Daughter Bmw 118 d €127 month
Sun €150 month. Crazy. Not a mile driven

And fear? That is the worst advisor.


Again, most people don’t have the discipline so the Ramsey method works well for them. You learn discipline. Cash only works to a point.

Otherwise it is a lot of what most other people say. The variance is a lot of psychology. So common sense says pay off the most expensive balance first. Most systems say pay off the smallest first which is actually smarter. It works as a rainy day fund that is interest free for 30 days. Ramsey i Believe says pay off the smallest first, but also create a 1000 rainy day fund next or vice versa. It is a pure psychological play. If you have 1000 dollars in your account, it changes the mindset of oh i want that to oh i could buy that but i really dont need it. Now it is a conscious decision and the temptation to buy it is gone.

I dont subscribe to his method, but it is helpful to a point for people. Where i didn’t think it works very well is the all cash philosophy so you aren’t earning money with your money. If you are in debt, it’s great, if you have issues with wants vs needs, it is great. Leveraging your money to make more money, it isn’t good. There is a point where you outgrow the system. And yes every investment is a risk.

Ramsey should be a multi-millionaire with his radio show income, book sales, endorsements, speaking engagements and i guess YouTube earnings.

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You miss the point.
It is not about Ramsey. Or any other Rah! Rah!
It is about you. Your Life. Your family. And your responsibilities to these.

Consumerism is an Addiction. A crippling drug. Been made that way since the development of high speed printing presses. High speed telex systems. High speed railroads delivery systems.
Then Radio broadcasts commercializations. Motion pictures.
Then into-home television commercialization.

Opt out. Opt out.
Just as you should all Gambling houses. The Lotto’s. All games where the stack is against you. Where only One can appear to win paid for by the many who are induced to play.

Yeah. Yeah.
Me and wife are so stupid we’ve paid cash for the last three of her traveling nurse work vehicles. Then ran out to 20+ years and up to 300,000+ plus miles.
Now been able to cash out in 18 months a medium large house and shop on 5 acres. Two side wrapped by thousands and thousands of acres of timberland, once again filly with our own water well. And now only three like minded neighbors. The 10th? place we looked at.

And we’ve been able to Loan out in $5,000 to $30K chunks of at least $100K that did get payed back interest free to help others bootstrap their own own to Rural dreams.
Only the loans let; not to this goal have we have had to be written off.

Ha! And we still fly when; and if, we wish.
And we are net worth more than we ever thought, or even wished, to be.
How? How? How?
Opting out and not Playing their sucking you dry, keeping you indebted games.

In our now 31 years of marriage we’ve only ever paid out maybe $2500 in all auto repairs and maintences. I’ve done all else myself. Savings in real dollars? At least $3,000 a year times that 31 years. Well, hell . . . there’s nearly $100K not spent out right there.
The same with restaurant meals not bought. The true $'s savings then freed up for other things.
New clothes not Brand name; high end stores bought. Yet I still wear actual Pendleton made and labeled wools and flannels. She wears actual Berkinstocks. My books are all used 50 cents to $5.00.

Addictions, are addictions.
Perfect? Hell no we are not. I feed a many cups a day caffeine habit. One 50 cents to 75 cents a cup of premium home brewed coffee or strong black tea at a time. And she has this developed can by can power drink daily habit. Bought at grocery outlet stores. ~$1.00 a pop. And we are both suckers for non-bid, cash and carry; true Estate sales. Cherry pick only exactly want you can use.

What I do not any longer do, and haven’t in decades; is feed on Rebates, Discounts, and other enslavements.
Buy much less. Pay cash when needed. Pay full retail price at a time of immediate needs.
This house we bought in the 2021 price war run up. We got this rare, rare property because we were able to outbid all others.
Able to do this from previous decades of saying No, No. I do not need these something(s) you want to sell me. That You-say; I need. That You-say; will make me safe and happy.
B-u-l-l-s-h-i-t. On you, and your addictions to your own spins lifestyles.
Those fancy eye catching vehicle aftermarket wheels will not make me safer, or happier.
Or $500+ boots. Or a make me safe AR modular system with all of the latest, greatest do-dads.
Or a hunt for quarterly gains on an Investment. With front-end expenses loadings. Annual maintenance fees loading. Transfer out back-end loadings.

We are each responsible for our safeties. And our happinesses.
Buck up and accept that. Only then you can claim being Free.
Steve Unruh


Or you can be more structured:

Personal Freedom ain’t for the majority.
Be unique. Be exceptional. Be free.


:grinning:so true. Thanks Mr Steve. Good one. 200 % agree


Very interesting. I’ve never taken the time to listen to Dave Ramsey before, though I have heard about him from a number of folks. Turns out he reads the same Book I do :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks, Steve.

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The irony, is Ramsey and everyone else is also consumerism. They are trying to sell you their method and products. The ideals of consumerism dates back a LONG time before the printing press or even money was invented. But the bottomline is your bottomline and what works best for you and your goals.

I suspect the larger issue, is attention spans and the expectation of instant fixes for everything. I run into that a lot of that in RE discussions with dipshits that can’t do basic math to figure out, we use 4 petawatts of just electric power, and solar panels aren’t free. And they don’t own any property muchless the property they think should have the panels. And they can’t figure out why it wasn’t done yesterday. Then to top that off, they think everyone should be buying an electric vehicle, , and thus require even more power, and there isn’t even a complete charging network. It is going to be at least 20 more years before we start to get close.


Most of us are looking for something to sell or trade, to get the stuff we need but can’t do ourselves. Then there are taxes :slightly_frowning_face:. For some of us, it’s our physical work, for others, it’s ideas or knowledge. The philosophical question isn’t so much what or whether you sell or trade, but whether you offer something useful or useless, “good” or “bad,” fairly or unfairly priced. Maybe also whether it’s a real need or even desire, or the result of mind games designed just to transfer your resources to someone else.

I did appreciate Mr. Ramsey’s comments about generosity. The benefits of this are real, and far-reaching. I don’t recall hearing a lot about giving from commercials and Youtube.


Well of course, your in the US, everyone is their own business. :slight_smile:

I agree it touches on many things. It seems contrary to the goal of ‘being independently wealthy’, but charitable donations support things you enjoy. Giving or even donating time, makes you more a member of the community, and a lot of times develops personal contacts and friends. And probably most important for Ramsey’s case, psychologically, when you have a friend network with people that accept you for who you are, then you aren’t trying to spend money trying to impress people. “oh I got an 80” tv and a gucci handbag" umm okay?

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Yes, in the literal sense, we are all busy with something. In the common usage of “a money-making entity,” that’s not the point. The point is, we all have responsibilities and obligations. We should meet these in a way that benefits everyone involved, not just ourselves.

I think I’m getting close to arguing where there is no disagreement, so it’s time to quit :slightly_smiling_face:


Well you could be argumentative, and take the opposing postion for the fun of it. But I usually only do that to see what holes need to be addressed in my own position or idea and defining the gray areas. Or just trying to see through what the real underlying issue is if there is actually one.


Hey TomH @tcholton717
Been a smoking Hot here for two days, with two more to go.
Except for early morning working/walking/watering hiding inside watching YouTube’s.

Here one for you engine-dyno testing oils viscosities on an old-school type engine set up.
Long, long. But worth it for the ending discoveries they found:

New school modern engines with oil powered variable camshafts and such: best not to play too much with too much thicker oils then called for. Especially with sitting outside really cold soaked starting.

But still I cannot wrap my head around accepting 0W-08; 0W-16; and 0w-20 oils. I think the manufactures are stuck certifying for emissions and lowest fuel-use screwing us over on engines longevity. And I think start-stop systems do cause accelerated engine wear!

Out to change the wife’s car oil this evening. HOT weather - 5W-30. Colder weather - 5W-20. Now at 235,000 miles.

Steve Unruh


Hi All,
The Wife’s 2014 Ford Edge vehicle is going to need to be replaced for her come the next collision incident (she’s on her third now).
Or when the internal timing chain driven water pump finally pukes it seals. Then pumping coolant into the oil pan. She will not know. And drive it 90-150 miles until I can next morning day catch it. Everyday on hers for 30 years of our marriage it is open hoods and check all fluids every morning! Saved her from tow-backs more than once.
This 2014 only had ONE built-in camera and six rear bumper cover proximity sensors.
Anything in the size-range she will want built in the past three years will have at least 14-17 camera’s and much more enhanced data collection; storage; and broadcasting out capabilities.

As the folks in this video say it is only some about being Big-Brother watched . . .
It is also about being treated as a for-$$'s milked cow. Without even a Please; Thank-You; your monthly participation check is in the mail.
Being an input element into someone else’s Matrix schemes.

I catch a lot of shit from aquainteneces and family for my dumb-dumb flip phone:

I can only wish it was dumb like the previous ones.
It is actually a 4G-PLUS enhanced BlueTooth/WiFi Internet capable smart phone to get the weak signal boosting I need driving out and about in my end of our remote area.
But I can make it blind and dumb just by slipping it into a blocker bag.
Or jerking out it’s battery and SIM card. THEN dicharging it’s internal capacitor:

Well that is much harder to do on a late model car or loaded pick up truck.

And I will still say the first-step real bad sold enemy to just keeping us from just repairing; restoring the old, and comfortable; AFFORDABLE-to-own simpler vehicles was selling us all on winter roads salts!!

Our 2017 Penske box-van lived it’s first three-four years in the state of Pennsylvania.
Needs an all new Cat-back exhaust system now.
All other 30-10 years old Washington State vehicles here are non-rusted. Perfect exhausts.



Basic transportation trumps a mobile data center every time.


I know this doesn’t work for everyone. Just drive old. Make yourself a rat-rod for daily transportation.
Or get a newer car and just know there is no privacy, live with it. One portal of the matrix in your garage, part of the “Brave New World”. The spying (on YOU) and reporting to Google (and “Friends”) is a real thing. The more you are aware of it, the more you will see the effects and feedback loops in your life. No tinfoil hat required. :face_with_head_bandage:
P.S.: Just a thought, Computer memory devices are getting smaller, denser and more energy efficient all the time, so why are all the players building more, larger, more “hardened” data centers, all over the world? Storing lots of data forever? [Or mining for Bitcoin, other crypto currency?] Just announced: Google is building another one in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


"Just Drive Old"
So true MikeR. Why I personally out until kingdom-come will be driving my 2003 Toyota Camry. And even drive enough to keep it backup useable the Wife’s old previous 2007 Hyundai Tucson. No bad killing rust problems yet out here.

But I do not want to hand-hold baby sit her semi-loaded 2014 Ford Edge out to a 12 hours timing chains and tensioners water pump failure. And that’s more because if I lobotomize it to blind and silence it’s “Powered by Microsoft” (logo on the center console) I’ll lose climate controls.

That Naomi Brockell who made that video has a series of six videos how to seize back some privacy control of your car and your cell phones. Either pulling their SIM’s; or using anonymously bought 4G HotSpots to ID info gap.
Rob Braxtman has a YouTube channel about cell phones and home computers privacy ways.

To do something; anything; will make a fellow feel better. That is the DOW creed.
Ain’t ever no perfect. Ain’t ever no final end game. Keep kicking, biting and scratching.
Steve Unruh


I am seeing more youtubes popping up talking about how some places you store you money in like banks and credit unions are listing in their terms and conditions, which no one ever reads, that they retain the right to deny transactions if they are part of a prohibited list. For some you cannot use your banked funds to buy guns, ammo, cryptos or anything related to making another person feel bad or some crap like that. Also alimony or child support.
Here is the story from the news source that originally ran it. This particular CU quickly modified the agreement. Just realize that this is not an isolated case.


A little entertainment. I have actually use some of these and am impressed with others. Somehow I kept thinking about Goren while I watched. In my mind that’s a total compliment. :joy: