Videos not necessary wood gas related

An interesting site. Watched some of these videos yesterday. Reminded me of Jan and JO.


Haha! Yeah, looks familiar with all the sofisticated equipment and all :smile:


I was surprised that for most of the video he didn’t even wear gloves. Tougher than me, that’s for sure. I think he borrowed that saw from Goren.


That’s funny! Gloves and Göran. I was about to comment on both, but decided to keep it short :smile:


I am putting this video here because I want to make a point. You could just as well be watching a video being made anywhere in my area. Ir would look the same and the people would look the same. I was a child in the 1950’s and I went to elementary school and from the time I was in Kindergarden we had weekly drills where we were trained to dive under our desks when a alarm went off because at any time the Russians may nuke us and somehow a child’s desk would stop you from getting turned into a crispy critter. I imagine it was the same In Russia, training for an attack from the U.S. We had no idea that the people across the world were just like us, working jobs and raising families and hoping to get by. What we had in common was constant fear. I was an adult before I finally realized that there was not a vast number of people all over the world that wanted to kill me. It took that long because there was and is still a constant barrage from the Powers that Be using TV and media to control me with a constant level of fear. Us against them has always been the prime motivator. It pleases me greatly to have contact with everyone on this site, to hear your stories, to share your projects and learn from you. This is the season of Peace on Earth. I wish for nothing more for any of you and truly consider you to be friends. I suppose it’s a few days premature and I’m feeling a urge to express these things and I swear I’m not drinking. Anyway a Merry Christmas to you all in case I don’t get another chance to say so.


Your words are special. Thanks.


Happy and a Merry Holy Days, and may there be peace on earth and good will to everyone.


What Bob said!!!


Thanks Tom, and you are so right. And even with such a serious message you made me laugh.


20% water in diesel! Amazing to me.


Speaking of living in fear and not knowing what is going on, on the other side of the world. I just saw this video on the rise and fall of North Korea. Some of it, I had no idea since I wasn’t around for WWII or the Korean War and history usually focuses on what was going on in Europe, not asia.

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Ahh. Here is the topic to put this one. Warning it is actually a political sad, sad story.
With a greedy corporate villain purposely gaming the system.
The “system” just plain being stupid, or bought off.
And the majority just easy-think going along; or seduced by newer-must-be-better, more-modern, woo-woo features for the con-job. Con-job is conniving to convince.
And then fully evolved out as the mandated must-do; ALL from then on paying more for less.
Out here USofA West Coast the story of the culture war against wood stoves and wood stoves users. Now against using even methane, natural gas in any newly constructed homes and offices. Wanting the whole nation to become California expensive.
And out here the war now against the further sale, distribution and use of any IC engines. What I have called out as the War-Against-The-Engines. And some of you-all think I am exaggerating. Watch this I had nothing to do with.
“Who KILLED The 2 Stroke Dirt Bikes?”

This same cast of character types out here made the use of the term “Organic” of our own grown/raised Organics foods, State Departments controlled. Needing then registering; licensing; site inspections; special (they dictate) records keeping; and special taxed to pay for all of this. . . “To protect the public”.
My ass. It was about money. And money buys political.

Woodgas use get seen, and recognized out here, and they will witch-hunt it too. As tree killing, polluting. Selfishly, individually hogging, using “Public” resources. The Roads and the Atmosphere.
And be no KTM corporate hero saving us.
Only; US; Rural-users can preserve the practicality of grow-it, direct use of wood-for-power.


I love the multiple art of war refrences in that video Steve


As much as I would love to get into a discussion about this I’m afraid it would cause too much divisiveness. Hard to see the whole picture because the MSM makes sure the waters are always muddied but as Steve noted, money buys political and money also buy regulators, overseers, and enforcers. Believe it or not, the money sources for the PTB are drying up. Just as control mania and the arms race led to the collapse of the Soviet Union so is the U.S. and western alliance countries deep into the same quagmire now. They have decimated production of durable goods in their own countries, become totally reliant on the puppet industries they have set up in the far east and they have vastly overextended their ability to use fiat currencies to buy and maintain that political control. Strap yourselves in and get a good grip on something solid because it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Mr U is absolutely right that getting set up in a rural environment could well be the difference between life and death when the welfare taps get shut down and the cities are not longer sustainable. It may seem that I’m into a discussion about this but I could easily fill a couple of pages with provable data and rant for hours about how the globalists have declared war on you and I.


I can remember back in the summer of 1969 someone moved a Ski-Doo snowmobile from a shed to a trailer, just 30 ft across grass. My little sister, Margaret, still in diapers at the time, was terrified by the noise.
Now I’m a mechanical engineer. I like machines, and I like two cycle engines. I see a lot of potential for development in two cycle engines. I especially like Evinrude’s newer two cycle outboards.
Not sure, but maybe the original impulse against two strokes might be the response their noise provokes in people like my sister. She was literally screaming in terror.
Folks, we can not terrorize people. We HAVE TO pay attention and think about the effect we have on others.


You make a good point RindertW.
Less disturbing noise is one of the very high points for electric working power as said on the Best Electric Chainsaw topic.
IC factory engines do, and have done better now in this millennia at scary, whole valley disturbing noise reductions.
I make a point to maintain and restore the factory mufflers.
Neighbors will know I am gasoline chain sawing, yeah. Know when I run the woodsplitter, the garden rototiller, yeah. Very short duration usages.
My gasoline walk-behind and rider IC engine’d lawnmowers? Only hearable for ~300 feet around. One to three hours durations usages. They must be made quieter.
My now IC gasoline engined inverter-electrical-generators?? Nope. Nope. Have to be within 30 feet even to know they are running. These run for hours and hours. I use the four pieces of plywood Tee-Peed prop-ups trick around these when running. Out of sight; out of hearing; then out of mind for the midnight shopper thieves.

Now many of those same Eco-Green neighbors take great delight the whole week before and after 4th of July and New Years terrorizing me, my dogs with their arial celebrations.

So my IC engines usages are near to nothing in comparison to those pollutions. I am not trying to incendiaries burn down whole areas in dry July’s
Ha! One of these Greens in a second generation Prius actually bumped me in the hip-leg backing up in the Library parking lot.
Electric-motive can be too quiet, dangerous. On 70’s, 80’s industrial washing equipment I had to add visual painting references to show the shafts were still spinning to prevent Ooopsie accidents.
These incidences now avoided by safety regulations at the design levels now.
Good and effective.
But . . . problems situations; should be perceived, analyzed, then corrections Done, and be Done. Not ongoing, chasing numerical infinities.
When safety and eco departments are set up then it becomes a never-ending, to preserve their jobs, rice-bowls. Barnacles. Sludge. Self-justifying, growing stickages slowing all human endeavors to a halt, to a stop.
Steve unruh


Oh sure. Peace and quiet is good and we should try to not disturb our neighbors but what if you really like the thumping sound of that Harley rolling down the road. :sob: :sob: OK, probably annoying to most but That’s still not the same as that idiot with a 700 watt car audio system thumping down a suburban street at 3 in the morning. Even out in the sticks we have maybe half a dozen days a summer when fighter jets come right over our house low enough to read the numbers and make you crap yourself from the sound that hits you like a fist. Been happening for many years now. Somehow we were lucky enough to get on some practice flight path that never seems to vary.


I feel for you there. We constantly have Chinooks buzzing over the house in delta formation. Headed to Ft Bragg most likely.


We have Fort Lewis just a few miles down the road we get the full gamut of aerial flybys and pretty regular artilleries fire that rocks the house. The deer elk and everything else are completely un phased by it. Used to hunt on a public gun range years ago just a few miles down the road we called it the land of the zombie deer, they were pretty much deaf you could walk right up on them and they never knew you were there. They would walk right out on a live fire range with 20 guys shooting and we would sit and wait sometimes for hours for them to wander back out of the line of fire. I sleep through it no problem loud noises have never bothered me. My buddies in the military tell me thats a rare thing to be able to sleep through shelling without being completely fatigued first