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Those were -loud-. It wasn’t as loud as the like '65 Rupp, but your sister’s ear probably hurt from that. Even with earmuffs, you felt like you went to a rock concert. The newer ones are much quieter but the noise from those old ones was memorable. They also werent that fast compared to newer ones and the ride was rickety. People probably lost kidneys.

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I had not seen this site before and this company is headquartered about 15 miles from my house. I’m going to get lost in these videos.


I believe we must dispel many myths surrounding Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, who in fact had mutual respect for each other.


It has been known for a while but the copper and zinx rods oxidize in the soil and raise the levels of copper, in which long term exposure results in liver disease and a few other things. Copper pans are now not allowed because of the long term health effects of copper, and I suspect alcohol exacerbates the issue.

Apparently nature magazine reported a study in 1900 on the subject, and sort of confirms my thought that it promotes biological growth. Copper kills microbes.

“Quite recently M. Kravkoff undertook a series of laboratory experiments upon boxes of soil submitted to electric currents. The temperature of the soil was raised by these currents; its moisture decreased first, but began to increase after a course of three weeks (the same increase of moisture was also noticed by Fichtner); and finally, the amount of vegetable matter in the soil was increased by the electric currents. With what is now known upon the influence of micro-organisms upon vegetation, further research on similar lines is most desirable and very promising.”

*You can sink zinc and copper rods into the ground, and attach a wire to them, and create voltage. It is low voltage, dielectric effect that is created because of the oxidation of the metals.

So I am not sure if it is just the dieectric currents or the actual antenna part that is creating the necessary electricity. but I suspect, it is adding oxygen to the soil via electrolysis.

Similar is the ‘harmonic’ guy that was doing specific frequencies to promote plant growth and chase away pests. And apparently magnetism is also used.

Someone is also claiming you need plenty of calcium in the soil for electroculture to work.

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All across the USA the telegraph lines before the phone system was invented used powered by this kind of batteries in the earth. If you know where to look you can still find traces of this battery system a long old telephone routes across the states. I am sure this was use every were on the earth where low power voltage was needed to run the telegraph lines systems.
Old Edison batteries could be found also in the stations that people manned in towns and stage coach stops between towns.


The are called “earth batteries”. Some people believe if they are aligned in a north south fashion they produce more current.

Australia has a one wire power system to extend the grid to some remote areas, and they are using the earth as the second wire. But I can’t recall if it is ac or dc. which would make it really interesting to see if brush growth along this path is substantially higher or lower then the surrounding area. :slight_smile:

You can kill plants by applying a high voltage to them as well.


Interesting, apparently the south pole of magnets can improve plant growth and germination.

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We have this system too in the USA on our long DC power lines. It is a two line that can us just one line and the earth for ground. One of them goes from the Portland Or. To Calf. Between the States.

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I guess it is in the US, and other parts of the world but it isn’t DC. You are thinking of HVDC, which has some advantages going under water which is why it is used in portland, but otherwise it is more expensive, and while it is more efficient the cost difference can’t be made up until you have runs over like 600 miles.

What I am referring to is single phase AC.


Yes this was use here in the USA a long time ago in rural areas but now is not used any more. USA electrical codes and laws passed.
When you run a wire fencing with wooden posts along a power lines it is possible to make power off the fence wire line if not ground every few hundred feet. Laws and eletrical codes to stop this too. Nothing for free. Not even the air we breathe. Corbon taxes we pay for the air too.


If you use water for anything you may find this video interesting. Worth spending a half hour viewing but at least watch the last ten minutes. Entertaining. Based on the work of a Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto. His videos are also eye opening.


I may be biased, but… :smile:


Trust me when I say that I’d definitely love to have a Volvo 240 model. Probably the most reliable european Maker I’ve seen. Mercedes is sturdy but have so many fiddly things, Volvos know where to be Spartan in all the right places.


@tcholton717 I remember we mentioned this a while back. I love Dave The Good’s videos he’s a wizard at making useless patches of ground into a lush garden.


Thanks JO, I remember a story that a friend changed the pressure of the wastegate. Thirty years ago, pre YT and it was his parents car. He had a lot of fun and an angry mama :grinning:. I dont know wich series, I only know it was a decent Volvo with the same parents and a young man not knowing his borders.


As far as storing seeds, apparently some people suggest dusting them in wood ash, to keep out bugs like weevils.

(the soap making, reminded me I have a whole pot of ash plus a 1/3 of a barrel full from syrup making that I was going to put on the garden or lawn but I was trying to figure out if it killed lawn grubs or chased off moles.)


Some thoughts on dissonance, resonance an frequency.

Hi All,
Here is a recent video that should have been titled, “Fighting Truth Decay in Myself”.
Neil Halloran an awards winning video maker/presenter who while in-Covid actually corresponded and listened to his critics of some of his earlier presentations. Now has re-examined even his own Covid response.
An honest man now re-examining the data realizing he just may have been overexaggerating.
Yes. Yes. Covers man caused Nuclear war winter; man caused Global Warming; and our societal and personal Covid responses. You Swedes will love where his presentation data says you all fit in. Us: USA, not so much liking. (Out own jetting world-travelers seeded us, early and widely, says I. Opinion.)
Some would say this video is POLITICAL.
I say facing more directly into r-e-a-l Beasts we must acknowlwdge and respond to. And not liking the reflections of Data skewing for shock and awe many of us humans seem to love so much. Convincing others to join up into our beliefs. Churning out Entertainment value, masquerading as logic and science.

Another two video guys presentations confirm ~663 above ground Nuclear bombs set off between 1945–>1964. And then after 1964, at least 1350 more set off mostly underground since then. Some were still above ground by non-signatory newer Nuclear powers. Ha! Again the Swedes kept the referred to, worldwide database on this.
Several massive Volcanoes and wide areas wildfires have had more next year, and year after climatic effects.

I will not say, Enjoy this. But confirms my own belief that we humans, cockroaches, coyotes, ravens and crows will endure and carry-on. Come what may.