Woodgas videos from around the world

Here’s an old video of Ron Lemler’s pickem-up truck.

I really like his old cooling setup.


Here’s a vintage gasifier on a vintage car.


That vacuum sound when he was getting the thing lit was what it sounded like outside last night. Not good.


@KristijanL the boys in Sweden are surprised that you have the unit in the cabin, aren’t you afraid of the gas?


Jan, the link doesent work. Wich vehicle are we talking about?

It is Lars who is making an updraft and has found this film, when you have the unit in the cabin.
How far down in temperature can you expect that there will be some reduction of the gas in eIt is Lars who is making an updraft and has found this film, when you have the unit in the cabin.tt ved aggregat?

Drive test on charcoal Seat Arosa1.0 on charcoal

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This was my first ever car project. I was 18 at the time and you have to start somewhere somehow… l DO NOT recomend coppying this by anyone. I poisoned my self once with CO (not in the cabbin but trying to start the autosyphon on the water cooling with my mouth - it leaked gas in water sistem) and l literaly set one back seat on fire when the gasifier overheated.

But all the failiures lead me to develop the “flute nozzle” to combat problems in this sistem and since then, many people started using it with good sucsess, so l guess it was all worth it :wink:


Just do not use your self as a test subject again like that. We want to keep you around for many years to come at DOW. You are our youth to carry the wood/charcoal torch of DOW into the future for others.


Here is one I had not seen before today:


Excellent, excellent find SteveB.
CC is enabled. He is Ukranian. And it does Gear-tool translate over well into English at ~85%. He and the questioning interviewer fellow are speaking clearly to make this possible.
Very long at almost 60 minutes.
But well worth viewing all of the way through.
He presents like Wayne Kieth and MarcusN…
First showing how to fire-up. And get up to good operation.
How, what, and why to chunks fuel.
What it will do for you power producing driving. With all of the problems and characteristics.
Then white board illustrated where internally he has have evolved to.
18 evolved revisions. Three engine valves tarring ups.
And he says I still strive for better, simpler.
I very humble man.
Watch for details such as his hopper steam out vent when warmed up and sitting. Second added lower rows of air jets adding in lower oxygen at times.
Steve Unruh