Woodrunner chevy

Yeah, i admit it, im having fun, but it feels like taking forever… and it should be even more fun to drive it again…and cutting wood…and repair the exhaust…and… :smiley:


I know the feeling! Months of work and work and work and oh its ready to fire! Guess everything i have not finished yet will wait till next time :rofl: Ya there is lots of temporary permanent things on both of my wood burners haha


Don’t get me started on the exhaust!

My 76 is royally screwed up in the exhaust department. The resonator is just shoved into the collecting pipes running to the exhaust manifolds. Both of the mufflers are rusted out so I can’t really re-use them.

I might have to drive the pickup to my dad’s friend that did the excellent work on the Mazda. He had some used parts laying around for that job and only charged me 60 dollars.


I just call it maintenance we all do on the vehicles we drive, this one just happens to Drive On Wood.


See, Wood Gas is great therapy—makes you forget you are sick.



Did some troubleshoting on the wiring today, as there was terrible weather last time i just left the control boxes open and forgot them :roll_eyes:

Two hours later i’ve fount this delay-relay (funny word) filled up with water, going to get a new one, could by-pass it for now.

Blower re-attached, and new electrodes (from a scrapped oil burner) for the flare-test.

We have fire :smiley:
Electrodes seems to work.

Smell’s wonderful :smiley:

After 12 mins.

I had to really take control of myself to not try to start it up, still has some lubricating of the mixer valves to do. And better let the charbed settle some, great risk of tar! Especially since i cant take it for a drive, to really heat up. (stuff in the way in front of truck)


I guess now would be a good time to exercise the char bed with some forward and reverse blowing


I have only a “forward” blower (pusher blower) i run it for a while, let it cool down some, run it again. And run it some with the lid open, to push the heat upwards some in the hopper, use to work. Much due to i don’t have as big charbed in this.


Goran, when you feel the warmth of the flame after so much effort, I believe that your heart will start beating. You have a great product with a lot of useful accessories, I need to imitate you in something, when you do the actual start-up, I would be happy if you record the whole process :+1::fire:


Perfect timing for a flare. 1st advent and all :fire:


Thank you Tone, yes it felt good, now i have to chase down some leaks that developed over time.
And i promise, there is going to be a video :smiley:


Haven’t thought about that :smiley: i should probably go out and fire it up once more, and enjoy it with that in mind :smiley:


What size restriction do you have Göran?
How many liters is your engine?

Hi Jan, this is one of the dimensions i never seems to remember, (i believe they have to lock me away before i reach retirement age, and starts to paint the walls with my breakfast :roll_eyes:) can’t believe how hard time i’ve have to remember things.
But somewhere i discussed this with Cody, and 170mm rang a bell inside my head.
So 170mm restriction, and this should be very small for this truck, i guess 180-200mm would work, but it performes good and im happy with it.
The engine is 400cui, 6,6liter, and the restriction is calculated for lower revs, 2000-2500rpm?


Thanks Göran, I’m thinking of making mine a little bigger, have 110mm now.


I welded together some scrap for a “extra” condensate collector, very small though (1/2 gallon) but easy to empty every stop.

Ball valve drain in bottom, and a fast-drain plug some 5 inches from bottom.
Should hopefully keep varm enough to keep tars flowing.

I have another condensate collector mounted in a cut-out part in the bed (5 gallon plastic jug) but that one i have to carry away to empty, wich is cumbersome if bed is loaded with stuff or wood, and not very discrete either.


I keep waiting for the day someone tries to steal an old petrol can full of tar and water only to find out too late when they pour it into their fuel tank.


Goran, what is this bolted hatch for with a ball valve and hose for?



Hi Bob, the bolted hatch is my air intake, the big hose on the left is incoming air, from the start-up blower, the small valve with a hose is for air to my “pyrostart” electrical igniter.
The wire/cable attached to the valve is because i often forget to close it, i can pull it closed from drivers place. :smiley:


Spreading your bets made me smile. I always have to think twice before writing, since wire is cable and cable is wire in Swedish :smile: