A walk for the soul

Hi Guys,
You don’t need a sea for tranquility.

Enjoy, Pepe


You are Blessed by Yehovah God. Thank you for sharing a wonderful walk with me.


I see some nice dead standing fire wood in there too.


Yes, Dan, and it’s tempting to gather, but I decided
to let nature prevail untouched. I love it!


I can’t blame you there. I just always try to harvest as much of the dead or dieing so I don’t have to cut the healthy trees.


Yeah, Dan, as you can see, it’s not really that big a
piece of land, 8 acres for $600. I leave my trees (no pun intended),
and support the local firewood sellers. Got to meet some
local folks in the process. When I first lived here, no electric,
no running water, no phone, the locals used to call me the
hermit. They all treated me pretty good though. The couple
that owned the little store in town said I could use their
store phone number that prospective employers could
leave a message at. My first job came that fall with a phone
message from the PO for a sorting job nights. Yeah, I took it!
90 days right up to Christmas. Happy New Year in the cellar
hole, as I called it. MAN, those were good days!!! I’d get home
to the cellar hole just in time (10pm) to stoke the fire and then
listen to Radio Mystery Theater in a sleeping bag on a cot.
God, I never felt so free!!!


Nice efficient house. Square box and a two story. Excellent!


Cool vidio there richard pete, you certainly picked a nice peacfull location in the woods with a stream with running water.


Thanks, Jeff, right on the nailhead!


Pepe, that walk of yours is exactly the kind of peace we need from time to time.
I’m at work right now and I just recieved a call from the wife of a work mate. She made the sick call for him because he just had a heart attack and was on his way in ambulance to the hospital.
He is only 57, skinny and a really good worker, but he has been working shifts for 40 years.
Makes you wonder about priorities in life.


Yes. For me, mandatory over time, travel, people in another department wasn’t serious about their responsibility so I was called in to take up the slack with major responsibility or I end up on the layoff list. In my department people didn’t want to go to another department do test stuff so I said I would try to figure it out, after all I was getting paid well. So I ended up with three jobs until cancer rescued me!

In my country we had slaves (long time ago) until they figured out how to enslave all…

By far the biggest wall to prevent self employment (freedom) is the cost of health insurance. They know how to keep their slaves. Unless your only interest is making a lot of money. That is why we will never be able to advance like countries like Canada.

Can not really blame corporations, the blame falls most to mass insanity.


I agree about the health care expense, I think most foreigners find it stunning, frightening, that a slip and fall could end in financial ruin. It certainly doesn’t have to be that way.

As for modern enslavement, the biggest barrier to freedom, I think, is the steep cost of property, housing and most importantly land. I think the homestead acts were what made north America great, free land in exchange for hard work made common people equal, and materially secure. They were free to say what they thought without important repercussions. Rich people were practically looked down on as profiteers, or born with a silver spoon in mouth, strangers to honest work and community.

How times have changed. And now, since the middle class has a net worth.of zero or less, banks put the society on the endless treadmill of credit and refinancing by boosting property values sky high, slaves forever. I feel quite sorry for young people trying to get ahead, few ever will.


Land isn’t too bad here as long as it is far away from the rich life. The killer is if you put up a permanent building then the taxes go sky high. And that never goes away, endless payments.


Out of respect for this web sight, I am going to obstain from remarking on the last couple of comments.
A walk for the soul for me is to let my dog loose and she will take off with her nose to the ground. Every so often she turns to see if I’m coming, and we just sashey until she is ready to go back home. TomC


I too bought some remote land. About 16 acres. No people, no cars. There are acres of wild berries of different types. Naturally, there are bears. lots of them. For the most part, they leave you alone.
2 days ago, I found BIG cougar tracks around the camper and, inside the big tent building.
That means that it isn’t safe to go out alone. You never know when the cougar will be stalking you.
Night time is worse. I’ve got a 45-70 but, the cat can probably get the jump on me at night. It isn’t safe for kids either. I don’t really like the idea of having to be armed if i’m alone. I’ve got an 8 inch Dan Wesson .44 mag. That’s just part of living in the food chain.
You can get a general idea of the land if you search on;
labart Rd
Broadbent, oregon


Those big cats make good watch cats when you are not at the property. When you finally get moved up there, you can convince the cats to leave with some lead out the end of a .44 mag. and some well trained dogs.
My lovely Dana had a black panther cougar on her property years ago in Washington. Very rare to ever see one of those.


This talk about cougars reminds me of a story i heard about a family who ran an orchard in the northern U.S. not sure where. The story is, the family was out for a walk in the orchard and the 10 year old and the 8 year old girl were up ahead of the family about 15 yards and the family pitbull followed about ten feet behind the girls. A cougar Jumped out of one of the trees headed strait towards the girls and the pitbull makes a flying leap and catches the cougar in the air and kills the cougar before they hit the ground. I have always thought that was the best thing I have ever heard about a pitbull.


Back to the walk video. So peaceful, beautiful, the tranquility of walking though the trees. Listening to the the water flowing, creation moved by the wind and breezes. Watching the wildlife blending in. That is what draws me out into it. Justing getting away is a treasurer unto it self. Pepe you have it right at your door steps.


Yes, Bob, and I feel truly blessed.


Out there in bear and panther country a pit bull might not be such a bad idea, long as its my dog, some pit bulls seem tame as a lam and others are wild as hell. Peicfull other wize at times you need a peice when pit bulls are around .