Charcoal powerd Seat Arosa 1.0

Thanks, Kristijan! Watched it 3 times in a row. I’m smiling every time :smile:

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Thanks for the thumbs up guys :grinning:

The rpm is on the left. I vas driveing a bit higher on the video (3000-3500rpm being the max torq range) on the last part to show the exceleraton but i drive at about 2500 most of the time.
I think it went up to 80 kmh on the video but the top spee is at about 95, 110 if l turn on the gasoline pump on half speed.
Fuel consumptionn is about 6 kg/100km (gasoline consumption before the gasifier was 6l/100km, interasting) and the range with one filling is ~50 km. The gasifier working temp is 15* C higher of the outside temp, so thats about 30 nowdays.


Well done Kristijan Fantastic little car , I hope it gives you many many more miles so you can eat that basket full of lemons that the guys are sending your way .



For those of us using the wrong system, that’s 39 MPG. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Brian. I didn’t dare to ask. :grin:


Ok Kristijan somehow this tank followed me home from the scrap yard. Still have to wait a few months to retire this vehicle from daily work ,strip out the trim ,build a firewall ,insulate the bottom etc etc but your thread has been very inspirational…

Best regards, David Baillie


The damn iron… Beter punish it for folowing you :wink:

This will make a great gasifier! Keep us posted when you get to it


Green hills with winding roads must be such a joy to take a drive.
Thank you for posting.

Any updates @KristijanL ? Is your Seat (car) still moving your seat (part of your body you sit on; your butt) around on charcoal?

Unfortunaly no. I passed it on to my brother, its back on dino juce :disappointed: but l havent sayd fair well to charcoal yet!

Hi, so at least some had crated an almost hybrid wood gas petrol car, but guys - i would not try to drive in the same room with gasifier…But where are certain car, like mitsubishi rvr/outbac sport asx with small petrol engine and a lot of space under the hood.

I got this car, and it is absolutely possible to place 20++ litre square metal box close to the engine.


Hi Stanislav,

I agree on the gasifier in driveing compartment. No problem about the gas leaks when we talk about charcoal gasifiers, but for a long range car, its hard to maintain the heat from the hopper to not damage the interior.

If l wuld make a charcoal powered car once agen, l wuld go with a towbar mounted gasifier and a small engine.

As for the gasifier being in to the motor compartment, it wuld sure be inovative, but 20l realy isnt much. 20l is preety much the volume of the reaction zone from a gasifier of a this size engine, so there isnt many room left for the fuel it self.

Try it and report!

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20 litres is about 5 kilograms of charcoal. Or at least 4 litres of gasoline equivalent. Think of it as plug-in hybrid - constant speed on woodgas, acceleration - on petrol. Only damn that new engines controllers. + 50 km on hybrid mode should be possible.

Well yes, but keep in mind you can only burn charcoal up to the reaction zone. So those 20 liters now become 5 liters of useable fuel.

My gasifier has a volume of 75l and 4 lenghwise nozzles to minimise reaction height. With a full hopper and dense oak charcoal l managed to get max 40km out of it, then you start to see the glowing char from the top.

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A crossdraft generator would probably exploit a larger proportion of coal. But the problem of heat release would be further enhanced !

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I am still struggling to see where inside that engine bay you could squeeze a 20 litre container , looked pretty much full up in there already


Hi, yes it is possible to fit at least 25 liters container. I have made a video with 3 bottles - transparent is 5 litre, white one - are 10 liters each. 25+ liters in total. This certain car has a lot of space after the engine. Plus - it is place for exhaust, so no need for insulation.

mmm, lets call in experience…
20 liters would be a so called “to small” size to make it as a functional gasifier… period

half hour drive would take about 5 Kg charcoal @ 0,25 kg per liter = 20 liters already…

a bit normal sized/shaped gasifier, for that horsepower, would take at least 4 times that amount in volume…

what kind of gasifier would you like to install ?

Thank you for reply. I’m thinking of simple-fire like gasifier, Nozzle on bottom, filter cloth on top of it. For kind of hybrid drive, or lets say ~ 50/50% of fuel replacement. NOT for acceleration. Only for cruise. I have tested an small gasifier for lawn mover with honda gv400 engine - made from 20 litres paint bucket - quick&dirty, but it worked.

I did some math - i will have 0.0066m3/s of wood gas, or 33 kw in power , for 4 kg of charcoal per hour. or 6 kw of engine power for 20% of engine efficiency.

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I’ve about decided to go to the dark side on my next project. I know Don and Garry’s nozzle is working great, but I would like to make this an incognito project, which would call for a lower profile gasifier. So now Kristijan, Was the horizontal thick walled pipe nozzle still working well when you retired the Seat?
Is there somewhere on the site a picture or diagram of your charcoal gasifier as it existed with that nozzle?