Compost Heat plus Gas

That’s pretty good.
I got to hand it too, that’s good.

Here is my pocket watch, I’m a little more frugal so I use a bunch paper towels wrapped in electrical tape as a case. I clip it to my key ring and the key ring is actually a shower curtain ring. I clip the shower curtain ring to the little pen hole on my left shirt pocket where I keep my tiny terminal screw driver ( I use the screw driver to punch holes in the milk tins and mix my coffee in case you were wondering ) The rest of that shirt pocket has electrician stuff like a proximity potential tester ( people like the beeping noises its all very scientific to the layman non electrical types you know… ) and a flash light ( used to find the other things that are not clipped in to the pocket when I bend over and my pen and screw starter drop out and roll under a bench ).
The real magic however begins in the right shirt pocket…
There I keep a magic marker for drawing mustaches on peoples Id tags and fire extinguisher tag un-punched ( to jimmy open locked doors ) Some cleanex and a pad of post it notes… ( you always lose bits of paper from a conventional not pad but you can stick post it notes to everything at eye level so you never have to guess where you left that note ).

Front right trouser pocket has a Kline hook blade, this is for opening cans of soup. Left pocket has roll of electrical tap and alcohol respirator wipes… That is for the disinfection of wounds and making of an improvised band-aid when the knife in the right pocket slips opening the can of soup. Back right pocket of my trousers has a pair of very nice Greenlee work gloves. The company will not supply these anymore, so I never take them out and wear them, they might get dirty…

The battery in the watch went dead sometime in 2009, but I was on strike that year so I never bothered to change the battery. Also no one to my recollection has asked me the time in all the years since. But that might throw the whole system out of whack. I better just keep carrying the pocket watch, beside it makes you look mindful yet eccentric when you click it open in front of a boss… Then you have an excuse to run off and say your late no one questions it. Since everyone else has a cell phone no worries if it keeps time.

This thread now has all the makings of a 4 yorkshire men skit about whats in your pocket.


When a thread starts with a question about pain in your piles and whether or not there are any tubes sticking out… Well you just know its going to be funny.

TO that I want to add a very serious sticker. We have a dept that makes stickers and signs. Its mostly older fellows with permanent disabilities from workplace incidents.
This was one of their better stickers I put on my lunch pail because I just thought it was funny.
And to that end lets see your lunch pails… and what do you keep in them?
If you think the pockets Jeff and I have full of things are amusing wait until you see what I carry in my aluminum man purse…


Here is my picture. At home work, I would either brake or loose a cell phone, so the pocket watch needs to keep time. When I was employable I would use just a cell phone for the time. But we were not really allowed to use them in most places. Wallace, you have me on interesting pocket stuffing!

I really don’t much like being an electrician anymore. Everything is just a prop for a joke to me now. I am going to empty my lunch pail and take a photo, you will get a real chuckle out of what I carry around… ( but not tonight I have to go to bed now because 5AM comes early )