Flat head Onans and mod heads

I have been away fellows…

Working in far north mines and travelling to places the sun don’t shine.
But I am back up here at home base and even though all my summer projects went to hell I still managed to tinker and make some interesting things for you to look at.

First off I screwed up here on what I am about to show you.
it was never meant to produce this stratospheric compression level.
We have managed to achieve 150 PSI compression on an LK205 using the BGE head modified to fit.

This was more than expected and I am still working out why…
I clearly measured the wrong heads ( I have a CCKB head mixed up here I think ).

Very sloppy work on my part, but this is probably as hot as you might ever be able to push a K Onan for a wood gas conversion.
So if yyou are mad enough to try you can fit the BGE or BG43 tractor heads to a LK of CCK



This is one of those times when an excess of nitrogen is your friend.
In this case it would cool the tip of that plug a touch more


Wow, that’s awesome!! Do you know what that would mean for compression ratios? And you could possibly pull some more power from it by polishing the combustion areas, as long as you’re only using charcoal gas, because liquid fuels will make that pointless real fast :stuck_out_tongue: