Hello from Sweden

Hi everyone, my name is Göran, living in Sweden and i’ve been a lurker at this excellent forum a long time, never really had the guts to write something, (not so good at English and not a computer-guy) but since i’ve managed to make it at some other forums ill give it a try.
First i must say this have to be the friendliest place at the net, aways nice people helping each other, and Wayne is an amazing man for sure,
(I dont know how many times i have watched
his sawmill at Youtube)
Now for the woodgas stuff; im in the progress to repair my woodgas truck that i ignored for to long, it’s got a bad leak in the heart and im going to disassemble it as soon the weather gets a little warmer.
Wondering if there is some interest of me sharing some pic’s of the progress?
I also collect lots of woodgas related stuff, old and new, and wonder if theres interest in showing some of it?
Sorry for a long post, just typing away, please correct me if im doing something the wrong way.


Welcome to the forum!

Wow that is a nice looking unit!

I’m always interested in the European cut out bed style of mounting. How do you attach it to the frame? Is it notched in the bottom to nestle over the frame for a more secure fit?


Welcome Göran!

Of course. We all like pics and videos. I’m already jealous of the huge shiny hopper.

Where are you at? Judging from your surroundings it could be fairly close. I live 20km outside Borlänge.

Jan-Ola Olsson


Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you here with us. Please share anything woodgas related, we all love it for varied reasons and anything related is good stuff.interesting choice of a square body Chevy, didn’t think there were many of those on your side of the pond? What’s the power train in it, I would assume either inline six, 350 or 454. Maybe a standard 4 speed since your country has embraced the standard trans where as here it has slowly been fazed out


Welcome. Looking forward to see your truck up and running again on wood gas. I see your fellow County man JO has already Welcome you.
Yes you are right about this site, we are here to help people with all types of gasification needs and other things of interest. There is no site like this DOW Site. More good things to come.


Hello Goran and a huge welcome to the DOW.

Your English is fine to me . It seems you are better at it than I and I have been trying to master it for over 70 years .

Must agree with you than we have some of the nicest people in the world here on the DOW.

We love pictures and videos :blush:


Welcome Goran. Can’t believe it took you so long. You obviously have a lot to share. Nice looking rig. Your english looks fine, as Wayne said but we are pretty good at figuring out what someone is trying to say regardless. A picture is worth a thousand words, as the old saying goes.


Fun and more Swedes, wondering if I saw your car in one of Nickla’s reports?


Welcome, Goran. I agree with what all the others have said. Glad to have you on board. It’s a great ride.


Yes, yes, yes! Welcome Woodrunner; You surely got our attention with that one picture. When someone comes on here for the first timee they usually have a bunch of basic question and some far-out theories of their own. I would bet that YOU will have a lot of information that WE are interested in. Tell us a little about your truck---- year make model engine trany etc. Then please some details on your gasifier-- where did you get your plan for the unit. Is it an Imbert style? We like videos of what we call a “walk around”.— kind of point each component out as you go, even under hood. You Europeans and your stainless steel constructions make our 55 gal barrel construction make us look like “junk yard” dogs. Can’t wait for your future posts. TomC


I’m thinking all Swedes are rich. All stainless gasifiers and shiny diamond plate beds on all their trucks.


Thanks for the warm welcome guys, think i have a lot to describe/explain here, many questions, but I have learned how fun it is to share pic’s and idées.
We could start with a little about the truck;
This was something of a dream-project for me, I had a wood-gasified Volvo 142 before, and always thinking about building on something with a v8, and with lots of shiny stainless.
Even looking fancy with all stainless, it’s actually 90% recycled material, (good to knowing guys at scrapyards for example) going to learn more about making videos, probably easyer to showing then, anyways this is a 1982 Chevrolet c20 silverado, I bought it cheap because it had a broken 6,2diesel, swapped it out for a 400cui smallblock (nothing beat cubic inches, even more true with woodgas) the trans is original th400, the sturdier type i’ve been told?
As for the gasifier the outer bottom part is original Bolinders ww2 gasifier but the innards is homemade double walled heart, SMP type, and dimensioning from SMP tables. The hopper is double walled condensing type with cone and “gutter” in bottom, inspired by Mikkonen and SMP chips-type gasifier. Filtration is 13m2 glass-fibre welding blankets, shaped like “standing star” inspired by volvo/SMP 1970 gasifier. Going to try some drawings to explain better, anyways real happy with the filter, has worked self-cleaning for 3 years, only emptying once a month, but now the fabric is broken in many places, (had been warned about them blankets not holding up for long). After filter is cooler then 4inch pipe to the engine, in engine compartment is a 3" ball valve to cut-off gas, and a simple mixer, standard 2barrel carb mounted above gas inlet.
Sorry to boring you with all this typing, trying to explain more later on.
JO, im living 30km north of Motala. But have been driving on wood to Borlänge 3times, quite a trip, had been visiting wifes relatives in Borlänge, and stayed ther overnight to go to Gengasträffen Dala-järna (this was with my Volvo)
Jan, yes Nicklas visited me after we met att Ljusfallshammars lantbruksmuseum.
Hoping i not forgot anyone, trying to give some answers, again thanks for welcoming me, and hope you like whats more to come.


Thank you Goran, for the info on the truck and gasifier. We will help you with photos and videos so you will be able to post them.


If the bag filter design isn’t a trade secret I would like to see how it’s made.


Yes, i will try to make a sketch of the filter, and take some pic’s tomorrow.


I like your truck. Did you make the frame longer?


Thank you Rindert.
No i shortened the bed, I cut out a “slice” between the beds first and second crossmember, around 27 inches if I remember correctly, then welded it back togheter.


Göran, back in 2017 I joined the Dala-Järna woodgas meetup with my VW Rabbit pickup.
This Volvo doesn’t happen to be yours, does it?


No, I think 2011 was last time I went to Dala-järna, i’ve found this pic of my old Volvo, going to look after some more pic’s of it, it was a fun car.


Is the FU on the first pic license plate a message for the gas stations you pass? I like the truck on the left hand side.