How to your own grave

Interesting read from the guardian this morning

Why would you dig a doomsday bunker when you could do something useful with your time right now


This kind of reminds me of the scripture in Revelation 6:15


I’m not a religious man
But if more people took the lessons religion teaches to heart this would be a kinder safer world.

Without injecting too much politics or religion into this, we know how we should treat each other
We know greed and gluttony are bad.

We are very slow as a world to turn the corner and behave as decent human beings within our means


Unfortunately these are the same wealthy people who have funded the demise of our social cohesion over the last half century now trying hard to figure out how to ride out the storm their greed has caused.
Seems they would be better served to focus on building back the since of community where people look for ways to help their neighbors instead of the mindset that you should fear them and try to do everything for yourself. I often look at the old barns i have which where raised in the 1700s by the community and think how impossible or nearly impossible it would be to get that type of support today. Our society is just too focused on ourselves today to think ok i will go help today because i might need help tomorrow.


I totally agree, Jesus once taught the two greatest commandments are love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself. I think no matter who or what you are, Muslim, Buddhist, Jew, Christian or atheist - even if you don’t believe in God - if we could at least practice that second part and love our neighbors as ourselves we would all be a whole lot better off - at least in this life anyway.


This is what will save the world


This is what will save you for life after this world.


Hi All,
The writer of this article is just as wrong as the myopic new-Rich he criticizes.

They both have poor senses of history’s; and realities of true military, soldiers folks.
You want the most loyal, fierce, defenders you get the military family men and woman. And then you accommodate for their families too.

Good military men and woman go over there to keep the wolves away, over-there; far away from their families. And/or to earn the gold to send back to support their families.
Once over-there; of course you fight for the buddies to the left and right of yourself. To survive to be able to go back to your family.

Use this. Defending in place your own families is the highest motivator possible.
Patron and patronage works.
Versus the Duke surrounding himself with warriors. Then obligated to give them fights for their boredoms. Camp woman for their urges. Booze and smokes to tone them down.

The attitudes of the super-Rich and an avowed declared Marxist writer both lack respect. Treating the-willing; the can-do; the will-do, as chess pieces in their higher philosophies’ games.
And themselves morally superior to ever engage down in the fray of bloods, guts, and baby poops of real Life.

“Oh, lord spare me from the uber-tech-geeks; the self-righteous; the morally superiors; and the philosophers.”

Steve Unruh


Marxists have never been very good at coming up with solutions to societies troubles…

But read some Marx Steve.
He was sure dam good at pointing out the problems and what the future holds.

To that end I am digging a hole.
Not very big just large enough to stick my head in, that way I am always right in what I believe.


You could do it a lot faster if you just used a bucket. Or since you want to do a bit of work, might as go all medieval and make a helmet for a suit of armor. Then you can lift up the eye shield once in a while to take a peek out. :slight_smile: But I don’t see much sense in digging a grave, the vultures or buzzards will take care of it.


oops cell phone screw up again

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Im good I have a bucket already.

No rather my point is digging holes is a rich man’s pass time.
Easier to dig a hole to hide and than it is to prevent the the root causes that have you thinking about digging holes in the first place.

But in a winner takes all society like we have.
You want to try and be the last one thus the rich man digs a bunker as the article says


careful! If you wear that, some half-blind old lady is going to call you a hippy and drag you in to get your haircut.


And I had to get a hair cut today.
Young fellows at work were asking me " where I was going to get 2.2 gigawatts for my Delorean )

My son used to play paint ball when he was a kid.
That’s steel under what my wife calls a combat tea cozy…


Suppose you are a farmer somewhere in Oklahoma and you are sitting on your porch watching a tornado forming in the sky. Pretty sure you are going to be real happy you dug that storm cellar. Tornado never comes. Well you have a good place to store your squash and root crops.


Thats a storm shelter.
And a good idea if you live in tornado areas.

A doomsday bunker for Billionaires is not the same