Life goes on - Summer 2016

it allways feels bad when power is down, stay cool enough.I am with you on the generator needing a charco fuel set up.Glad you missed the storm damage, hope your power gets back on soon.


Looks like a good time to pull the flywheel key out of the genny , advance the time, put some valve lapping compound on the crank ,torque the flywheel back down and stuff a hose in the carb. If anyone can get by without gasoline you can.


Jim do you advance the time on all your single cylinder engines on wood gas? I have not done that so far and am wondering if that is really necessary.


No Don I have not done it on any yet. On my motorcycle I added an electronic ignition coil from a newer 31/2hp?. It took some grinding to get the radius to meet with my larger diameter flywheel. I cant really see much difference but it hasn’t had much run time either way. I remember that Wayne said he has his advanced tohe point it willnot run on gasoline anymore. I have not tried to generate ac power with wood gas only dc. I had some questions for you the other day when you posted about your generator but site or my putter would not let me post. I will have to go back and reread it now. My forgetter works better than my rememberer.


Well this was a day for the record book in Wenatchee Washington. It was 84 degs.F and raining off and on really hard. Looked up where the Mission Ridge Ski/ Snowboard Resort is, elevation 6,840 ft. , and it had snowed. Blewett pass about 20 miles to the west , elevation 3,032 ft. Swowing. What a mess to be driving on that road.

That patch of snow is where the chair lift unloads.

Looking down from the top of the run called Sun Spot at the Ridge.


Something else followed me home from the dump. An 1800 watt inverter generator with “carb problems”… already half rigged out for charcoal.


Whoa, a very nice find


I need to go to the dump more often. My scream- o-matic just took a dump. 4000 watt that only puts out about 1500 before voltage drops to under 100. Building my own inverter generator now.


Good morning Tom Collins .

I know you like videos so I made you one last Sunday morning.

Slow getting it posted . The last few days with all this heat I have been working about half fast :relaxed:


Thank you Mr. Wayne. I do like to see what is behind of those interstate roads that we are so addicted to. In the 70’s I took up motor cycle riding so that I could travel the back roads. Of course, my favorite was Highway 49 in Ca. that took me up through where gold was discovered and the old “ghost” towns. Keep posting friends. I’m sure we could all gain from a little insight as to where others live. TomC


Well the verdict was the fuel pump was shot and a nut on the carb was stripped so it was sucking air… new nUT, tore out the gas carb, built a quick venturi, hooked up a propane diaphragm regulator and voila… She charges batteries amazingly and runs lights… so far up to about 600 watts and will try for more soon


Still semi complete, but closer.

Not ideal for gasifier fuel ,but reduce the volume of branches to about 1/4 . Insanely scary machine. Good fun though.


Fresh coat of paint makes everything look better. One more thing off the honey do list.

Thought Y’all might like my articulated gate.


Wow, that’s a proffesional machine. Machined internals and all.


It is 95 degrees in the shade here in Michigan today! I have a new appreciation for all you southern boys who have to put up with this for months at a time.


Hey Don.

If you add in some humidity it can get hot !

If I had air conditioning it would be hard for me to get out of the house :relaxed:


After today there is 5 days left to get a free upgrade to windows 10 if we are eligible.
I have been agonizing and procrastinating on whether of not to make the jump. At my age I get frustrated when I can’t make things work as I am accustomed to and that usually happens with electronics a lot quicker that with any of my other tools.
Who of you made the upgrade and if so are you happy with it or sorry you did it? .


Hi Don , I have made a clone copy of my hard drive and I am about to upgrade to windows 10 , that way I will still have a running win 7 hard drive , but I am told that if you do not like the windows 10 you can roll back to windows 7 with no problem .

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Don I went from windows 7 pro. to 10 didn’t see that much difference, haven’t had any problems using it, and I am not computer savy at all.

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There’s no reason to not upgrade, except for the learning curve.

I did when it first came out. No issues, it is a bit faster and more polished, less buggy than Win 8. Not really any new features.

If you’re happy with what you’ve got, just stick with it. If you absolutely depend on your machine for work, leave it be. Win 7 and 8 will be supported for a few more years.

On the other hand, if you want a slight performance boost, and are prepared for the transition, go for it. You know you’ll have to learn to use it eventually… the next computer you buy will definitely have Win 10.