Life goes on - Winter 2022


Marcus you got the V-10 project done just in time.


Hello Bob .

80 F here today and only have a light coat on .


Yeah we were lighting the fires at church today it had made it down to 75F. :cold_face: :cold_face:


I can’t wait for it to get cold again! I want those 18°F nights back.


Been hovering here close to zero Celsius for a week now. Ha ha. Waynes comment about 80 and a light jacket reminds me of our trip to Hawaii a lifetime ago. I went on a $20 catamaran ride out off Diamond Head. The skipper and crew were wearing parkas and I had a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and was comfortable. They thought we were crazy.


Winter is coming fast freezing temps at night and cold rainy days. But my wife is becoming more aware of how the world is doing and wants to learn more of what I do, so last night she learned to skin and butcher a beaver!

Never Thought I would see the day, but she said it was FUN… almost think I should be concerned??


A heads up if you are voting tomorrow. During the last election,some of the Dominion voting machines were embedded with an algorithm that would simply not register a certain number of Republican straight party ballots. This can be avoided by voting for some non-essential other party candidate, like a university regent.


Plastics. We talked a bit about this on CodyT’s WK project thread. Usually plastics especially in stressed structural usages will fail. A sign that the designer/manufacturer was cheap’ing out.

And sometimes the use of plastics is just right, and durable.
My bought back in ~1994 from old K-Mart car cargo extension topper. Much needed once I got married on my little Suzuki Samarai:

It’s been mounting holes drilled to have been used on four different vehicles now.
It has without a gasket always kept bagged clothing, pillows and blankets, and groceries dry and safe.
Indifferently often outside stored when not mounted up. Ha! And to loop the inside curled 8 nywraps hold downs I have to all-200 pound of me get up and kneel down inside of it.
Note that the designer did not use plastic in the hinges and hold downs. Bolted on metal.

Brrrr. Cold here this morning. 22F. (-6C)
Why my winter weight old hunting thick wool hat.
Steve unruh


Well I’m off to the oral surgeon to get my ivory scrutinized. I’ve been suffering chronic earaches for about 6 years since my wisdom teeth came in sideways and breaking on my molars. Now that I’ve got good dental insurance it won’t cost an arm and a leg, just an arm or a leg.

Edit: it’s pretty insane how the existence of medical insurance has raised the price of healthcare. In 1962 he had one bad tooth pulled for 5 dollars. In 1966 my grandfather had the rest of them pulled for a pittance. I’m probably looking at a few thousand dollars for 4 teeth.


Are these the same dominion voting machines that the CEO claimed flipped like 1/20th of the votes to the republican candidate about 20 years ago?

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Dad is having a knee replacment in a few weeks… he has had a tooth that has botherd him for a few years but never did anything about it because of the cost. Doc told him he wont fix his knee untill he has a root cannal or he pulled it. Due to the chance a tooth absess/infection might find its way to the knee and cause issues.

They told him the same thing 2-2500 a tooth.

Then for at least two years he is suppose to take antibiotics if and before he visits the dentist.

Im told accross the pond they are more conscious about tooth infections and how absesses can be the root causes of a lot of medical issues.


Just got my estimate. With complete knockout and some other whizbang long acting anesthetic I’m paying 1000 dollars a tooth pre-insurance. I’ll have to shell out 2300 dollars personally

Also found out I have an irregular off-tempo heartbeat.


Steve that cargo roof box looks like mine. I didn’t know what brand it was. Got for free. Planning on putting on top of the 1995 jeep.


I chuck a few inches of 3d printer filament in a drill and use that to plastic weld. It’s a little hard to explain but you press the spinning filament to the crack until it heats up from friction. The plastic gets gummy and then really starts to heat up.

At that point you can weld the break like a stick welder on metal. Like a stick welder, this method adds material to the repair site, which helps strengthen the result. Sometimes the original part skimped on reinforcement to begin with and adding material this way can fix the crack and support the repair better than new.

Generally speaking it’ll look pretty bad but that doesn’t mean it can’t be strong. Just like with metal… “a grinder and some paint makes me the welder I ain’t”

3d printer filament comes in all kinds for colors though they do want to sell it by the pound or kilo. A “sample pack” might be just the thing - lots of colors but not so much of each one. A little filament goes a long way fixing cracks. I use ABS type filament and I have reason to expect that is the best kind to use though I haven’t tried anything else.


If it is tooth pain, elderberry will help. But the doctor probably prescribed getting the tooth done first because the risk of infection is high with dental work and teeth. Once that settles down, then getting the knee done reduces the risk of later infection. They did the same thing to one of my mom’s friends, and she ended up getting some infection from the dental work, and had to put off the knee surgery for like a year while they got the dental infection fixed.


It is called rotary friction welding or spin welding. You have to match the types of plastic up for best results (sometimes just to work), and it works with abs, and a few others, but abs is a lot of car parts. The same technique (although it spins faster) is used industrially even for metal.


I let my log skidder set up a couple years without running it ( not good )

I had to replace a little hyd live swivel that controls the winch . Can you believe 208 bucks

Also putting a lot of miles down with my work truck .


Marcus doesn’t want to sell me a V10 :anguished::grinning:, but I had to settle for this pick-up, it has a big caisson and a diesel engine, maybe I’ll open a new topic when the time comes.


Oh it’s a Kei Truck! Does it have the hydraulic dump bed?


Those small trucks are awsome. I was totally amazed at the loads they haul when i was in Tiawan for 18 months close to 20 years ago now. I love the bed with folding sides so much more useful than an American pickup bed that looks pretty but doesn’t function well.