$ Lister 8/1 CS

I was just curious if anyone here could help me put a ballpark value on a Lister 8/1.
It was originally part of a SOM (start-o-matic) power plant. It was a barn find (overseas) and was shipped to the states back befor the ban.
It was inspected refurbished and tested before being crated.
I picked it up over 10 years ago and its been in storage ever since. Still not sure im willing to part with it. I would still like to find time to play with it.

But my wife has medical expenses. So will see.
She always compains im a pack rat, but my old purchases from when i was single are becoming a God sent.

Pictures aren’t the best but it is what i have on my phone.


I guess I should state. I only have the engine. I don’t have any of the generator or electrical. From the old stat o matic.


I would ask these guys. They have a remanufactured 8/1 for 1300 but that might be a clone since that is what they have listed under the chart for location, and another page has the 8/1 clones new for the same price.

If it is an original, then it probably has a higher value especially to engine collectors.


You might look on the internet for hit and miss clubs somewhere around where you live. The lister is a throttler but there would still be some interest from those guys. Also look in the smokestack engine forum.


I would suspect there would also be interest from the folks over at https://listerengine.com


Hi Chris , i have a friend that is at this moment putting in over size big end shells on his SOM engine i think its the same model as the one you have , I think he mentioned only a few weeks ago that he paid over 2 grand about 4 years ago for his as a running engine with generator , pretty sure its the same as we were talking about indirect injection engines being able to run old motor oil and how the spare parts for those engines are so cheap due to them being made in India still ,Bot sure of the value of yours where you are but here in Australia they are going for anywhere between 1 and 2 grand .
I can ask him any questions you might have as he has a lot of Lister engines and is up on these engines .


Chris, I don’t know the figure, but an original Lister in such good condition, these days, after the “ban”, may be worth quite a lot.


Thanks Dave, its good to know there is a contact out there that has real world experience with the listers.
Ill keep you in mind, im hoping to dig it out of storage this summer.
I just sold a deutz air cooled engine to a local amish resently. They are going to put a hand clutch on it and run their saw mill with it.
Dad mentioned i had this lister and they where real interested. But i have no idea what its worth. They are not collectors they probably dont care it its an original or not. They are just looking for powerplant they can use daily for real world work.

Still not sure i want to even sell it anyway. Id be bummed if i let it go without even playing around with it. Run a chunker or genset or something.


Ill have to look up serial number again. Memory isnt very good anymore but i think i remember looking it up once and it was a 43. But not sure on that anymore.


This is my friends Lister last week before getting new big end shells .

He has it out in the bush as he is totally off grid , he should have it back up and running in a day or two .
Brian has one as well but his SOM has a twin cylinder Diesel engine


Very nice!! I sure wish mine was a complete SOM, with the gen head and switch box and all.

Does he run any of his off of alternative fuels? i.e. vegi oil or the like, or just straight diesel?


He bought it to run waste oil on, and he told me that as its indirect injection he can run waste motor oil with it as long as the oil is filtered first of course and will of course run on waste veggie oil and diesel .


You remind me of a friend of mine who sometimes takes old engines to a show, puts a price on them, and hopes no one buys them.


:rofl: Best way to sell something in my book. Means you aren’t forced to take less just because you need the $, but because someone wants it more.
We will head back out to Baltimore in July, wife is getting a kiddney removed and some major re-pluming of some vessels to aleviate some compression issues.
:crossed_fingers:crossed and prayers to the good Lord everything goes well, as well as a quick recovery. Probably be out there 2 weeks for sure.
Do i want to sell?..no, but figured i should probably know what its worth if i need to.


Greetings Chris, I am asking our Creator for your wife, He knows what is best for us.
I paid 400 Euros for my Jenbacher engine, well, your Lister is practically unused and is worth more, but there are very few potential buyers for such engines, if it were closer, I would buy it. These engines are very interesting for operation on waste oil, and even more so for operation in hybrid mode on wood gas, where the combustion is very clean, one could only wish to have such an engine at home in case of crisis situations. I will add magnetic ignition and a spark plug to my Jenbacher, so it will work easily even on 100% wood gas.



Thanks for the prayers Tone. We appreciate them.

I hope you will creat a topic and document your work on the Jenbacher. I for one would be very interested in following along, im sure there are others as well.