Motorcultivator with chargas


today first run with the gasifier of the “red bear” mower…
the new gasifier for this engine will get a water cooled nozzle like gohin poulencs design…
in the moment on half way -or less- of finishing…
the motorcultivator likes not more to start on gasoline because of carburettor defect- i think the swimmer valve gasket not closes more well…so we not make stinky hands more with gasoline and, finished the basement, we tried with the gasifier…first strike with the starting wrop, and the motor runs…very pleasant…
ciao giorgio


Giorgio, this looks great, professional work, if we take into account that you make everything cheaply disconnected from the mains, it’s fascinating, …hats to the ground. :+1::clap:


Indeed, Giorgio is an artist.


gasifier basement

side valves - ricardo flathead

550 ccm motor from 1963

we screwed a bit around and -oops - all the gear comes out!!


NEW gasifier…

gasket grove rings…distancing before welding

clean-out port and moveable grate…and hole for water-cooled nozzle

the hopper was a old honey container…i thought i could it use how it was, but the honey acids have had destroyed some old weldings , hidden under a ring, near the bottom…


There is nothing wrong with inspecting the entrails and cleaning the inside, so you can see what condition it is in. Well, on the engine, check the piston rings, when you insert the ring into the cylinder, it should not have more clearance than 0.5 mm, sand the valve seats with sanding paste. It looks nice otherwise.


little steps …the water cooled nozzle

not so difficult to build…the separator inside has half lenght of inner pipe


The picture of those gears is just like one of my nightmares. If before I die I actually rebuild a transmission, and all the shims are in the right order and there are no parts left over, I will consider my life a success. Fat chance.


Apologies for side tracking on just one post GiorgioP.
Hey TomH. Your wish is here:

I’ve been viewing YouTube on these Tuff Torq transaxles to see how/were to add lower cover draining plugs. This video the fellow does well using the right terminology. Oil Pump; fluid driving a hydraulic/oil motor. Driving motor speed and torque external lever controlling that wedge plate left and right varying the piston plungers strokes. And the only video I’ve seen that explains the actual reversing method.
Ha! Ha! All of those are easy pull-out; drop-in parts. Easy. What could go wrong? Ha! Almost all parts are able to be installed flipped, or reversed, then not-right! And he misses explaining an easy fall out, then lost drive-pin in the motor section.
But, hey. On his with the hex spacer above the fan he is able to drill drive it to check for functioning before installation.
Excellant practice piece project for you to feet wet on @tcholton717 .
Steve Unruh


Giorgio you Are a true hands on artist if i could do even half as good a job with all the modern day power tools i have to hand and running on mains or generator power then i would be a happy old man , love your nozzle build as well .



it is not so difficult as it seems, i must only bend the inner and outer pipe from a metal sheet because there was not the right diameter available…when something seems complex , best is always beginning and than grows from alone…
wishart in australia has had also water cooled nozzle…


It looks good. If you want to make it more difficult, I ran across this video for a liquid cooled rocket engine. Maybe it can serve as inspiration at a much much later date for a much much more difficult build. :slight_smile:


Excellant SeanO.
Even mention made of hydrogen embrittlement of steel and nickel alloys. At temperatures and flows.

Search up “Tuyere manufacturing or making”.
Most are induction furnace cast using lost wax type methods. Then finished machined.
Then there is this hand forming blacksmiths made air cooled one:

All are made from copper alloys. Oxy-acetylene torch tip are a copper alloy. The real trick seems to be to root-base conduct out the heat to cool it.


pipe material about half mm thick…

besides making special hay -washed hay- for the animals was time to build a cooler…
the design is in the wrong sense on the foto, upside down…the separator sheet makes all the gas paths having the same lenght…


Maestro Giorgio makes another work of art!


Very nice Giorgio, a masterpiece :smiley: :+1:


the dismantled filter-cooler in construction with hot dust trap…


Bee-you-tee-full (beautiful) in mostly all SS, GiorgioP.

You break the Myth that stainless steel only exists in Sweden.
Steve Unruh


have had some old ss scrap, so to make it usefull began for the mowers to use this…i can build thinner and lighter and no rust problems with thin material, and the work is done for the whole life and next generations…of course the motors not keep up so long…
my first models was from iron, but becomes very heavy, and when the gaskets attack on the rust, …a thing i really don´t like it…but some grease helps.
i build always with my son, he is also stainless maniac…
but is not typically for italy…i told a neighbour about it - to drive without gasoline- but recognizing fuel preparation is a work and in case with charcoal also dirty, he was not interested more…