Scheduling Argos 2017

We’ve not set the date yet for Argos (need to, Chris), 16 gal there and that much back again, + about 800lbs each way of dry wood. My hickory will go about 70-80 miles without stopping. I’m in SW AR, near Hot springs.

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That’s pretty impressive! What speed can you maintain without mixing gasoline in?

I’ve been wondering if Ron and family would be able to host the Argos event this year because of their fire situation? I’m sure we would all hate to miss it, but don’t want to put undue pressure on them to do it if it’s a burden for them at this time.


Hey Andy. Since Ron and Rhonda know the local fair officials, expense coverage is pretty basic with the past generosity of all of us pitching in with currency. The more important help I believe they could use is the manpower in keeping the event running smooth. I’m offering that time slots with volunteer time in running this will make the burden spread out. I’m in. Chris S.= A separate chart with time slots might be an idea.

OK we need to get this sorted. I’m going to pull @Ron_L in on this and see what our situation is.

Doug, timeslots maybe but just pitching in generally is always needed. It’s hard to predict when things will be needed… also, enforcing schedules has never been our strong point… :unamused:

Let me put this up front.

The Lemlers should never feel under any pressure from us to host this event. We’re all grateful and indebted for their many years of hard work and we all understand if they want a year off. This year especially has been rough on them.

If we act soon, we can probably still arrange for somebody else nearby to do the legwork. Or we can just fend for ourselves when we get there. Failing that, we can move the meet to Missouri this year, Greg Henze has a wonderful location there.

How about it Ron? You guys need a break, or are you up for another year?


I’ll be finishing school and hopefully starting a new job about then, so can’t really make definite commitments. But I am close and would love to help out any way I can.

Good Morning Wood gassers,
We have had a lot of changes this year. We have been talking about ARGOS 2017. We do have our youngest son graduating on the 19th and 20th of May. We could have it that weekend, we just wouldn’t be there much. Not sure if people would want to have it on the the 12th -14th? That weekend is Mothers Day, but you could always bring Mom along. :grinning: We still have 15 dry boxes of wood with a few that aren’t super dry. Everyone has always been very helpful and we enjoy hosting this event. So basically we would be up for another year if people want us to do it. After this year we may not have much wood available. We should get our date settled to reserve the weekend we want ASAP.
Ron & Ronda L.


Thanks Ron! You guys are awesome.

OK, let’s get some feedback on Mother’s Day weekend (May 11-14):


  • Sure, Mother’s Day would work.
  • No can do. Mother’s Day is out.
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I am hopeing too make it this year if i can get the kinks out of the wood gas truck before then.

Mothers day is good. It would be really sad if the lemler’s had to miss most of the fun after they have fixed it up for us.
Kevin, Come anyway, even if the truck isn’t done. You’ll learn stuff that might help you get her together and meet some good folks too.

I would but i caint aford the fuel, and dont want too miss a brag trip with the learn while i earn 75%.i prolly only need 500 pounds wood thete and back and my truck has at least that left in reserve capasity of tires and axel bearing weight.That aint no more than two bigger guys standing on the tail gate.SWEM wood be the fun part passing gas stations and meeting all the wood gasers that can make it in person.Thanks i am going too try and make a drive out of wood, pulling motor out of wood truck this week for cam bearings.hopeing none spun.have all parts if none spun, the speed dogs that sent me my first set of bearings marked the bearings wrong.some one engine tech orders through on ebay boxed up wrong.I gess i should be seeing whare the extra aluminum cam from in the oil too find the miss fit.The truck is allmost ready too be gasified for its first time, only needs brace on air mix Container and few throtle cables and trans shift cables and 1-1/2" gas pluming, not much left i just dont want too get gasing and for get too save the motor hopefully just cam bearing ID not OD damage.

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OK, the results are in. Most of you said Mother’s Day was fine, so we’ll go with that.

@Ron_L please go ahead and reserve the fairgrounds for Mother’s Day weekend. Thanks!

Thanks chris,ron,and Wayne famley for sharing the wood gas designing and 75% operator tech.I think i have a ride from younger brother has newer car too use his wife car, hopefully cause i know he would be interested if seen from the group of wood gasers showing the results working.

Hello all.

I received a call this afternoon from Ron Lemler. He has met with the fair ground officials at Argos and the Mother’s Day ( 11 -14 ) weekend is available . He is in the process of reserving it for the woodgas event . :relaxed:

Thank you Ron and family for all your work !!


Chris do you know if there has been a list started of whose coming and what they are bringing?

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I just looked at the calendar and realized two months from today we should be rolling into Argos :relaxed:

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Two months? Wow I have some work to do before then!


I’ll get the thread going here shortly.

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I hope you have a great show. I will be too busy with spring work on the farm to even think of going. Would love to see it someday.

hey fellow wood burners , I know been missing in action for a while ,but burning wood to run my truck is still in my plans . just to explain oct 2015 I injured my back and all life has changed. doing better now and think I may be able to drive to argos this year. see how things are closer to the meet but if possible count me in.