These are my get rich quick ideas. Shoot them down

I think I’ll get rich quick with syngas and molton lead. It looks like two big opportunities with syngas. Carbon Monoxide is poisonous but it has other opportunities and uses.

I’d like to harvest CO and all the other gases refined to commodity quality with pre and post treatment. Distill, use charcoal.

The ratio of methane and hydrogen is good to use as is. The two can be mixed and still be treated like methane , this contamination example is a good development. You are left with Methane Plus.

1)CO has a generous hydrogen reaction if paired with water gas shift. This can be a coop plant.

2)CO is a fuel in it’s own right, why not calibrate it as such and use it as mass transit fuel? You might have to spike it with H but it’should run well. *

That’s a big deal because anyone can make that kind of fuel and this process will consume all the wood and paper in the bins

I’d like to see a syngas car using bottled CO, and hydrogen infused CNG, injected like CNG.

City gas economics look wicked good.

If CO doesn’t make it to the gas station it’s still excellent fuel for power plants

This field has lots of opportunities, you can recycle one ton of aluminum with wood fuel and make $1000 in one day. You learn that molton lead is a coolant and heat transfer fluid.

There isn’t enough hydrogen, if you want more hydrogen you have to go to space.

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