Life goes on - Summer 2021

Wayne pulled our leg back then, Kristijan. Now he’s pulling the coyote’s :smile:


If you shot that from your veranda Wayne then your eyes are way better than mine.

Snowing here. Certainly doesn’t see like summer any more.


Hello Mr. Tom

I think that was a lucky shot .

I have shot a couple of times this morning missing both times :disappointed_relieved:


Lucky is not so bad Wayne. For distance I shoot a 8MM Mauser. I can’t afford the ammo to sight that in. Same with my .35 Cal Marlin. I use a sight bore but I don’t have any confidence it’s good beyond a hundred yards. I’m better with a shot gun.


I use my AR for anything inside 300 yards, anything within 100 I shoot my 7/8oz Lee key drive slugs loaded from target loads. Brings up the velocity a little going from 1 1/8oz shot to a 7/8oz slug and they are front heavy so they fly like a shuttlecock in badminton. Works great in my smoothbore pump.

300 yards is about the furthest shot i could ever take, all the hills get in the way.


Moved here to keep the video thread clean.

I admire Werner’s persistence. If I had to do that kind of maintence my DOWing would probably been over with years ago.
If he for some reason had to empty the heart, why didn’t he just fill char from the top?
I will always be grateful to Wayne’s simplifying tips and tricks.


I was thinking the same thing JO. Took me a while to figure out he was packing char on to his grate early on and then with the amount of smoke coming out of his flare tube it seemed like that radiator cooler would plug up real quick. I think he never gets his hands clean. When Jacob was here he scrubbed his hands for a good while and never did get all the black off them.

Just looked at SteveU’s post from the other thread. Thanks for the statement about the ember catcher. I had no clue what that thing was for. Mr Werner seems a little rough shod for a European. If I would have understood the language I would have taken him for one of us gritty Americans.


Even not able to understand more than 10% of his words, Werners expressive body language says much.
He is using the best of the late 1940’s systems base. So should not be surprising he has to 1940’s hearth system char’s maintain.
Full dump out. Separations. Manual reloading.
L-o-o-o-g starting up time he set himself up for. But hey! The “old” system did power a modern largish V-8 auto system.

His high velocity flows char-soots ember-catcher/utilizer . . . that is all Werner.
Just like each Developer set up their own style based on their own location, needs, demands and desires.
For maintenance needs I still say VesaM takes the prize.
And should be pretty obvious now that WayneK’s System IF DONE Faithfully take’s the prize for wet wood capability.
Joni’s system the prize for lightest true raw woodgas weight.
Kristijans’ and emulators; takes the prize for compactness. (hideabilty!)

Ha! You can have ONE, maybe two excellences at a time.

Even more interesting to me is watching this video on YouTube the original poster’s youtube channel and additional videos. Niklas. “Omstallinigsresan”
HE’s the one who made up the bi-color woodgasssed Volvo car shown.
Paul O’Brian had made a real interesting find posting this up.
Thanks Much
Steve Unruh


Taking the jump to quit nicotine. Cold turkey. It’s been 20 hours and I could bite someone’s head off right now.

Turns out that vaping is worse for your teeth than drinking Mountain Dew and chainsmoking cigarettes.


You stick with it Cody. I can’t introduce you to the people in my family that eventually died as a direct result but I do have a homesteading buddy that can no longer walk more than 50 feet at a time and has to carry oxygen with him to do that.


Tom, this makes me question how do you preceeve Europeans :joy:

Cody, l wuld guess so too. Only time will tell how harmfull vaping realy is. My self, l like a occasional real cigarette, self rolled. I smoke litle but what l smoke is of good quality, at least as good as it gets by todays standards… Moderation is key, but how to keep it up is a nother question…


Cody and Kristijan,

From what I understand nicotine is so addictive that few are successful at reducing the intake. Personally, I think that is playing with the devil who will always win. Best to aim on quitting completely, I think. Thankfully I have made it to 67 as a non-smoker, but I have a few friends who died with breathing issues, likely due to smoking. It is so sad.

Cody, you are young enough that quitting now should make a difference in the effects of smoking. May the Lord bless your efforts and give you the strength to overcome. There is still victory in Jesus.


True. This is what l hear from more or less everyone. Its why l always found it interesting since lm smoking my self but dont concider my self adicted to niccotine. There comes a day, say if there is a party, a trip with friends or something where lm in company of smokers and on those occasions l smoke a lot. On work days I usualy smoke 2 cigaretes a day, one walking to work and one walking from work. But when lm alone, or at home, l dont even think of smoking. Like literaly, l have zero desire, for days, weeks at a time. Only occasion l light one at home is when lm examining bees about once a month or so.


Does reverse blowing hopper smoke count. In that case I’m addicted :grinning:


Smoked for 7 years then went to smokeless tobacco cause it was “better” for you and used it for 35 years. The patch helped me get through my rough spots. They say you haven’t quit until you’ve been off for 5 years still got another year to go before I make it that far and still once in a great while the urge comes but doesn’t last long. Hang in there seen to many drag their O2 bottles outside for a smoke they don’t last long.


You’re inhaling CO either way! :joy:


21 vehicles have been broken into in my neighborhood

I have it on good word that 4 suspects have been arrested yet the other night a friend of the family got up and saw 2 more people snooping around his property.

I’m thinking of buying sleigh bells as door alarms for all the outbuildings. We have a few infrared motion detectors but they only halfway work and only cover major thoroughfares.


Of course we are speaking in generalities and stereotypes Kristijan but some hold true. My fathers family emigrated from Norway and Denmark in the 1890’s. They were very hard working, methodical people. I think of them like Volvo’s. Not exciting but dependable. My mothers family came from Ireland to Canada in the 1910’s. They liked to drink and fight all the time. They mostly all died from their excesses. Pretty close to the stereotype. I have watch old video of the Germans after the war. Just mostly old women cleaning up rubble from the streets and stoically organizing to rebuild. You would have never seen that from Americans. When Americans wanted something done they brought in Irish to dig out sewer systems and Chinese to lay rail across the west. When we wanted to go into space we brought Werner Von Braun from Germany. Of course the Russians did the same in that respect. But when the allies needed thousands of ships and planes and endless amounts of food and steel they turned to us because we didn’t used to overthink. Our hubris was our main asset. Things are different now, but Americans never thought they couldn’t. I see your work as being very Americanish. Grab tools and materials and stick something together and kick it until it complies. I see JO’s videos and his home and surroundings are all organized and thought out. His videos show that he is very methodical about getting the most out of his equipment. Tone’s pictures. Despite his protests that they are illusional, everything is measured and pretty much perfect. I see that as European. I think of Ukrainians and Russians as being much more like Americans. I get a real kick out of the you-tubes of the stuff they build and adapt. They are just like me. They see a piece of crap and say , "What can I build out of that.? Of course these are all just my slanted perceptions and probably have no basis in reality. What I have learned from DOW is that we are all way more alike than we are different.


Ha Tom, that post of yours gave me a good chuckle and put a smile on my face.
I agree with your analysis and wish I was able to dress my thoughts in words like that.


Well said TomH,
You made me have to look up “hubris”.

On the tobacco thing . . .
as a young lad back in the early 60’s I made a dollar decision.
Earn and save up then later have the dollars for DO-ing things.
Or dribble them away daily smoking, chewing, drinking soda pops.
So nope. Never smoke outside of a few given baby cigars. Never paid out to smoke any mary-jay either.

Face the grim math’s.
$5.00 a day = $35. in a week. Four weeks in a month = $140. Twelve months in a year = $1680!!!
Huge to a 12-13-14 year old.
I used $5.00 as a today current reasonable for a half-pac smoker. A twice a day toker. A three beers a day drinker. A daily power-energy drinker.
In truth those who do daily itch scratching’s it is more likely currently $10.00 a day.
Lottery tickets. Weekly Bingo nights. Video poker.

Then the true daily/weekly/yearly effects become apparent.
$10.00 a day itches scratching is $3,650. a year.
In just three years NOT buying into sold-to-daily- to-make-you-happy’s you could have bought a real decent car or pickup truck. I did that.
In three years still places here you could of had a decent down payment on a house accumulated. Ha! My wife (who at the time smoked) but no drinking, lotto tickets and such took ten years to accumulate her first house down payment. Never paid out gone-and-away house rent since 1989.

Now some of you younger fellows seeing some of us oldters seeming to be able to spend out freely . . . . well . . . . take that basic $3,650 a year: not daily frittered away: over acuumulating over decades.
One decade is $36,500. A whole brand new car at retail.
Now take four decades worth = $146,000. A whole house on a lot still in some parts of the country. No more rents payed out.

So in terms of what the daily-fixes folks are robbing from you . . . . a fellows aught to get downright anger.
Because none of them want just $5.00 a day. Noooo. $10.00 a day. Add up cell phones and such too. Drive up make-happy convenience foods. Geez. The one good thing about the good old days was far less holes in your pockets “must-haves” to be able to bleed a fellow dry.
Screw 'em. Drink faucet water. The free to cheap coffee. The generic tea. Self made. Use a thermos.

Ha! Never said that I’m not addicted, daily dependent. Caffeine. And salty’s.
Steve unruh