Wood supply

NOT A GASIFIER but it’s sure handy to have if you do use a gasifer.

This video was taken yesterday as I am going wide open trying to catch up on saw work. We had tornadoes last spring knocking down hundreds of thousands of acres of timber. There were hundreds of tons hauled to my place trying to salvage some of it. With good luck I may be wrappings it up in the next week.
It’s hard to believe how long I have been running this saw and the amount of lumber it has produced. The reason it relates to this group, it also puts out tons of gasifer fuel.


Love the saw mill. When I lived in Douglasville I had a Lucas blade mill that I loved. If given the opportunity I’d have another.

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Hey Yeah!
I have an old 1st generation New Zealand Peterson swing blade mill that I picked up back in 2008.
Custom cut board market here is crashed pretty badly for now.


Hey Wayne, that mill looks pretty original. What do you use to run the carriage back and forth? Is there any sideways play on those rims and rails? Looks like it will last forever.
Don Mannes


Hello Don.
Who are those three hoodlums standing by the truck with you?

Yes I guess the word original is a polite way of saying it’s really ugly.

In the movie at about 7:45 you can see a little winch on the ground under the carriage. Small cables from the winch run through a series of pulleys make the carriage go back and forth. The winch is powered by hydraulics from the saw mill motor and I control it from a little lever up by the Mack steering wheel.

There is no play in the wheels and the rails (6x6 inch angle iron) , they fit very well.


Hey Don,

You can see the hoodlums better in this pic. Some how we missed Doug D.

Yeah Wayne, that looks better. I see all four hoodlums now. I’m not sure where Doug was. Maybe he was getting a head start to the farm. I was impressed with the speed of that saw mill. We don’t see many 16 inch rough cut boards up here anymore. That was a nice clean log! Do you have to have someone come in and grade that lumber if it is used for structural framing?

I have a few pieces of 24 inch in my house but I don’t like to saw that big.

I grade it as I am sawing it.

Hey Don,
Do you realize the little mill just sawed 170 board foot of wood in that ten minute clip. Some of my competitors down here charge 35 cents a foot.

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Wayne, while we are talk’in sawmills anyway, what is the length capacity you can cut? Also do you have a automatic valve kicker to shut the carriage down at each end of the run? That grain looked a little like Southern Yellow Pine but the cut speed makes me think it might have been something softer.

Hello Mr. Don,

Sorry to be so long getting back with you but I have been running wide open all day.

I have sawed 18 foot but it has to be placed just right on the mill. I usually try to keep it no longer than 16 feet.

At one time I had it automatic stop but I quit using the auto stop several years back.

I think it is just yellow pine but not sure. It doesn’t seem any softer than the other pines.
If I had known folks was going to braging on the speed I would have put a new blade on it and give it a little more throttle. The motor is just running a little above idle.

Hey Don,

While we are talking about logs and sawmills I wanted to show that poor folks have poor ways.

BUT it paid for it’s self the first load of ply logs I hauled on it .


This is my friend Dr. Carla explaining how she makes bio diesel, earlier this week.
A PhD may not be a requirement but it sure puts a strain on my GED




No chemicals or storage tanks required


Mouth is watering Wayne. You got the wood for it, that’s for sure.

Changed the topic title to reflect the subject better.

Hey Wayne, that log truck looks like something I would do. Is that tag axle live or only there for the load?

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I am gathering pallets and scrap wood for when I get my gasifier built. I travel 120 miles a day round trip to work. If it takes 1 pound of wood per mile,I will need 600 pounds a week just for work. Last Saturday, I took apart 15 pallets in about an hour and spent the next 6 hours cutting them up with my chop saw, I ended up with right at 600 pounds. This will have to do until i can build a chunker. I beliieve,i could do as much as 1200 pounds at full speed in a day… that will equal a savings of about $250.00 for 1 day. When I get my chunker built, I hope be able to get 2400 pounds in a day,saving about $500.00 in fuel, not bad for a days work.

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Hello Mr. D

Yes the tag axle is dead but with brakes .

With the butt ends of timber being the heaviest I could haul 60 foot lengths.

Hauled a lot of timber with the old truck at $27 a cord and that was delivered at the mill about 10 miles up the road.

That cord of wood would take these little trucks over 5,000 miles.

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