Discovering my freedom in Minnesota

Touche…Well played, good Sir… Well played indeed.


Hey Bill, Don’t forget ground cloth as a vapor barrier.

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Installing solar this weekend.

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Today solar will be done. The well company showed up to do some hydrofracking. Looking to exceed the 1 gallon/hr I currently am getting.


That is a cute little place you have there Bill!


Thanks Don. I am enjoying it more every day

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It looks like a real “Homestead” except for running water, solar power, metal sod house, and camper for backup.


Hahaha. Yes, I am combining some old and new school together. You forgot to add cell phone, TV and internet. :slight_smile:
I feel if I can do all this, then anyone can. We won’t be missing much of the life we had, we just won’t have all the bills. We will maintain responsibility of our energy and heat as well as most of our food.


So a couple of years ago I talked with @SteveUnruh about living off grid someday. His response surprised me but made sense. He suggested to set up “grid lite”.
My thought process when setting up p this place has been based on that response. The property I found is off grid but has been setup as kind of grid lite. I feel if I can afford to setup with some luxuries of living in the city I will.
What I also have done through my planning is to have a plan B and C for as many things as I can. My well is not directly wired to my building. It is wired with a 120 plug. The pump is a soft start so it can be ran with a small generator too. My battery bank can be also charged with a small generator if there is no sun for a couple of days.
Today I had a 250 gallon propane tank placed near the cabin. It will be used for cooking if needed but will use the wood stove when we can. I am also going to install a small garage heater with a thermostat set at 50° to prevent freezing if we’re gone for more than 12 hours.
Everything extra we have can easily be lived without. That part is important to me. Being able to have wood gas to make shaft power will be in place next year. If I had a garage this winter I could implement wood gas sooner. I take comfort in knowing it is available to me.
Moving up north here was an impulsive decision we made this summer and so far I have no regrets. This winter will be a succession of days of learning. It will be the the most trying season of the year.


Looking forward to hear how the winter goes for yah. I am also looking forward to making the drive up there one of these years. Everything sounds great!


A potential wood gss victim. IH 340 utility



You buying this Bill?

Yea I did. I was hoping for a little bigger but this had everything I wanted.


Nice! Might be a little tricky to gasify it with that front end loader on it.


Yes sir hanging a gasifier on there will really make that bucket a buggit working usefull tool.Are you stuck out in the woods this year in the cabin?

I see snow ! :+1: That should do the trick.