Drawings of charcoal gasifiers for vehicles

Hi everybody:
It is said that one drawing worth more than thousand words, plus is can be read in almost every languaje. So here I am posting a colection of the drawings that I have placed on each topic. Most of this drawings have being checked with the builders. Some may include spec’s sheet, part list and/or operation procedures.
Please keep in mind that each drawing has a date. Improvementes/modification may be made after that date.
Everybody are welcome to add any further drawings/sketch that may think are appropriate for this topic.

1) The FIRST POST is the project of Kristijan Leitinger: Mercedes Benz E 230.
I am starting with his build just because he is the one that encouraged me to start this new topic with my work.
The forum site is: Mercedes-Benz E230 vol. 2, charcoal powered.

2) The SECOND POST is the design of Bruce Sotherland.
His forum site is: 1976 MGB Charcoal Powered NO DINO new build

The next two pictured belongs to Bruce:
Air inlet connection to nozzle:

Water mist connection to nozzle:

3) The THIRD POST is the design of Don Mannes. His forum site is:

4) The FORTH POST is the desing of Jeff Davis. His forum site is:
Air Carbon Fuel Cell

5) The FIFTH POST is the design of Steve Bowman. His forum site is:
Toyota Corolla Charcoal Vehicle Gasifier Project
Please note that this drawing was made on the very first stage of his desing in april 2018, things may have changed since then.

6) The SIXTH POST is the Kahle build of Gary Gilmore. Unfortunately I could not get a hold of him to check on my drawings. So the next drawing of his build is only my self interpretation based on his three videos: ( I hope there are still available in Youtube)

That’s all for now.


Hi Eddie , Thanks for all your hard work and time in getting all these drawings up for everyone to browse over , i’m sure they will be a must see for all builders new and old .

Cheers Dave

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Nice job, we apreciate it very much. Hat off!

Outstanding job! You have really served this community well.


Hi There:
Thank’s Dave&Brian, Abner and Robin:
I greately appreciate that your appreciate my work!!

  1. The SEVENTH POST is my interpretation drawing of the Gary Gilmore PROJECT post 04-Ford-Ranger-on-charcoal. This drawing has no feedback form the designer, so it may vary from the real project.


Hi @glgilmore, 2004 Ford Ranger on Charcoal drawing from ramosedmundo. We need some feed back please on the drawing. Looking forward to see you at Argos this year.

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Sir your whole topic is holy grail of charcoal gasifier .hats off to you
Regards and Happy new year to all DOW member s


Good morning Vinod .

Happy new year to you and your family also :blush:


Thank you mr.wayne
And same to you and your family.
Along with all members of DOw


Hi Robert.
I live in Argentina. Kind of far to see you in Argos.
Eddy Ramos


I think he meant gary gilmore. looks like gary not checking his dow post at this time though.

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8 The EIGHT POST is my own work.
You can see/download my “Guide for driving a vehicle only on chargas”:

  1. You can download this Guide in JPG format at this topic.
  2. Or you may download this same “Guide” in a much better definition on PDF in ENGLISH for FREE at mi website: www.autoabasura.com or from the QR bellow.

Eddy Ramos (Argentina).


Eddy; Man! I like pictures. Do you have some sort of filter in the upper half of your oil filter-- I mean besides oil. TomC

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Hi Tom:
That is the way old oil filters are made. An oil bath at the bottom, and some kind of wire mesh after that, the wire mesh gets wet with the oil splits/fumes and that increases the filtering system.


Hi Eddie,
Your work is priceless,
Very neat and awesome work bro.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts


Hi Eddy,
I am having a hard time with a part of your documentation:…

What part are you claiming with patent pending ?
Coz nothing what i have seen in your documentation so far has not been done by me or other DOW members already…


You can claim anything . If you get the paper you have the rights .

Hi Koen:
Nice to hear from you.
I don’t know how things are in Tailandia. But here in Argentina, if somebody else patent my design, he will prohibit me to use, spread, support, etc my design, and most probably I have to compensarte him. :persevere:
You will say that if I go to justice the justice will support me.
Let me share with you a true story that happened tu my dad.
He sold a machine for U$D 250.000 to a guy that never pay him back. Not a penny. My dad sue him. The justice order the guy that has to pay compensation to my dad AND the guy has to pay all the sueing costs and the lawyers fees of BOTH layers. The guy declared him self poor (the guy not even went to jail). End of the story: My dad had to pay all (sueing costs and both lawyer) and lost the machine.
So my bottom line is that I am trying (“trying” because nothing is for sure) to protect my self from malicious people and a faulty justice here un Argentina.
Eddy Ramos (Argentina).


Oh Koen. I forgot to say.
If I happen to get a patent for my design I will have no problem to give you and/or to this forum my patent for free only IF you and/or this forum promise not to sue me for using my design AND commite to protect me from any future claims.
The bottom line is that in patenting I am looking for no money at all. I am trying to protect my self.
Eddy Ramos (Argentina).