Film dedicated to the 100th anniversary of gas-powered vehicles

Good afternoon. I ask for help.
I am editing a very detailed film dedicated to the centenary of gas-fired cars (since Imbert showed his gas-powered car in France in 1921 and aroused great public interest)
If you have video archives and photographs (preferably with captions what is shown in the photo where and in what year). I will gladly include them in a film popularizing transport gas generators and technology in general.
For the second month already, I have been collecting grains from books and networks on my own, and I have also collected a lot of videos and photos. I am also ready to share with you.
Thank you in advance.


Maybe you have books that tell the story of wood-fired machines, it would be nice. I saw one German, but I could not get it.

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Some to be found here:

The real gem is a 1940’s Imbert factory sales video presentation someone here on the DOW put up from a television Swedish/Norwegian television series.
I cannot yet find it.
Buried in here somewhere, maybe:

Steve unruh


Could it be this one?


Cool video.
Would love to know what is being said.

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The narrator comments on how swift Swedish gasifiers are produced and how traffic rather increased than decreased since gasoline shortage :smile: :smile: :smile:
At the end of the video “the happy family” is going for a Sunday trip and he comments on how convenient and clean refueling is performed :smile: Also, the advantage of a wood gasifier, since any small farmer can act as your “gas-station”.


I think Wartime Woodburners by Ryan has a lot of good pictures. A lot of the information is in French and German. I have followed many leads on the internet that started with this book.


Our friend SergeiL (Serg) has a new informational video out:
Converting diesel engines to wood gas.
CC is in clear English.

Watch through for the latest thoughts/studies/results on super lean fueling for better results.
Steve Unruh

Or try on his youtube channel GenGaz - Lagunov. I am a subscriber. Video works for me.


Some very good information in that video Steve, thanks for posting that up!