Life goes on - Summer 2020

Keep calm and carry on.

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Smile and use a little hand sanitizer…


Enjoy the forsed down time, the roads have way less traffic too.

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Rather than complaining, I want to post more practical information for remedies for CV. CV being much easier to write than coronavirus. I already posted that Both honeysuckle and Black Elderberry are well proven to be antiviral. A doctor in Shanghai speaks on youtube that many people are using 10 grams daily of vitamin C. Doctors in Wuhan are using 22 grams of IV vitamin C. Too much (oral) vitamin C will give you the runs. I bought 3 kilos of ascorbic acid for cheap.
The virus kills by causing inflammation in the alevoli in the lungs. Olive leaf extract reduces this inflammation.
I can post a dozen papers on how the endocrine system weakens with age in TANDEM with the immune system. If you boost the endocrine system, this results in a boost for the immune system.
Citations if needed. For men, you are advised ( Life Extension Foundation) to take 100 mg of Pregnenolone and 50 mg of DHEA on an empty stomach to jump start your endocrine system.
I bought a nebuliser and 1 gallon of colloidal silver. Since the virus seems to lodge itself in the back of the throat, you shoot the silver in there with the nebuliser.
Vitamin D is also very important.
If you want to “clean” an area, you get a good ozone generator. It will kill EVERYTHING. Don’t go in the room. Disconnect the generator and air-out the room. Ultraviolet light © will sanitize surfaces. I bought one that goes in the plenum of your central heating system. DON’T look at it.
Here is a vid on making effective masks.

Even Jesuit’s Bark is showing signs of being effective against CV. Cites if needed.
There are several other things you can do. These cover the basics.

Hello all .

I have enough wood chunked up and stored away to drive several thousand miles :grinning::grinning:

Me or the wife have not left the farm now in a week and have no plans to do so until we must :frowning_face::frowning_face:

Please stay safe


Pozdrav iz Slovenije!


Nice tractor! You are ahead of me here. It is snowing again this morning. And just as my fields where starting to show bare ground.


24 degrees this morning! That’s cold for western Washington.
I have not left the property for 1 1/2 weeks, except to cut dead trees (<8”) and process into firewood and fuel chunks.

Septic tank began to back up and so dug it up and got it pumped.
I waited way too long, 20 years, so hope the drain field is ok.

I may head out today and bore a hole in the sky. Not as much fun since we won’t be stopping for lunch but I haven’t been flying in 3 weeks.

I am getting lots of YouTube and Netflix time.


Do people there have one leg shorter than the other? Seems like it is all hills and slopes :grin:


Yeah, dont drink too much of that disinfectant before plowing those slopes! :grinning: Looks like beautiful country you have over there. What are you going to be planting in the new field?


Last word I heard, still no cases in WV, I think it is the moonshine,and ramps :smile: Don, one leg shorter was always said about West Virginians.


Hey Al

I thought my county was so poor that the virus didn’t want to come visiting but I was wrong , it showed up a couple of hours ago :frowning_face:


Slovenija je res čudovita dežela , je velika 20000 km2 in ima niti ne 2oooooo prebivalcev , mi Slovenci pravimo , da nas je samo miljon,…
Pri nas je vreme res spomladansko in kar vabi ven na delo, tako sem doma in po vasi preoral kar nekaj njivic , stari nemški Holder AM2 iz leta 1973 lepo služi že dolga leta za tovrstna dela, je pa svojevrstni posebnež z dvotaktnim diesel motorjem, kar je sedaj res redkost. V Ameriki je Detoit diesel proizvajal velike dvotaktne diesel motorje , ti so bili opremljeni s turbinami in izpušnimi ventili, Holderjev motor pa nima nič od tega , le kanali , kot pri bencinskih dvotaktnih motorjih,…

Slovenia is a really beautiful country, with a size of 20000 km2 and not even 2oooooo inhabitants, we Slovenes say that there are only one million …
The weather here is really springy and it invites you to work, so I plowed a lot of fields at home and in the country, the old German Holder AM2 from 1973 serves well for many years for such work, but it is a specialty with a two-stroke diesel engine, which is really a rarity now. In America, Detoit diesel produced large two-stroke diesel engines, which were fitted with turbines and exhaust valves, and the Holder engine had none of these but channels, as in gasoline two-stroke engines.


Business as usual here. Schools and workplaces are still running. Myself, I DOW back and forth to work every day. Going head on into the bug’s nest for another nightshift at the mill in an hour. Have had reports of truckdrivers from southern Europe down i fever only days after loading at our docks. Only time will tell the outcome :thinking:


I went to Slovenia 3 years ago. and it is surely one of the most beautiful region of Europe, in my opinion, that I visited. this region of the pre-Alps offers magical landscapes and a warm and rich architecture. Slovenia is still spared, until here, by the wild urbanization of its countryside (as what one sees in Western Europe). The new rich must still be few. I believe that if I had to start my life over I would look for a small farm in Slovenia. If the Slovenes wanted me of course :disappointed_relieved:


I’ll try to lighten the mood a little bit :grinning::grinning:
On Thursday I took a trip with a group from the county to the capital city of Alabama Montgomery. I was on a tour of the archives and the capital building. Here are a few pictures of what I saw.
The archives were pretty cool they had a special WW1 exhibit up that was pretty cool. KIMG0796 KIMG0805
Disarmed :grin:
KIMG0822 KIMG0764 KIMG0784 KIMG0797


In the Netherlands we go from 1000 to almost 2000 in a day. Wether is nice, it will kill the virus. Happy to live outside a city , for so far as that is possible in this small country. Gives time for unfinished projects. If you talk to people it is always the same. Not nessecary, I am strong, it will not happen to me, can’t and will not stop my daily routine.

I only go out when I have to.


The five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Unfortunately we don’t have much time to get to acceptance if we want to limit the impact of CV19.


Easy to make. Been making it for years. Small current and pure silver wire. Helps with a soar throat a little bit, however something else worked better (can’t remember what that was). Too much (like a quart a day) and your skin turns blue.


“What type of tractor? I have too many tractor projects that seem to never get done.”

@DanNH, it is a Frankenstein tractor. You know, the kind I like. I decided that the differential rotation direction needed to be reversed so the transaxle came apart to flip the ring gear. Waiting for some seals and gaskets.